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A Trikky Project

May 31st, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

My Trikky Project

I picked up one of these at Anime North. I couldn’t help myself. Munnyworld characters include Trikky (a cat), Rooz (a Hippo), and the most recognizable Munny (a baldy figure). It is a customizable toy with a mystery accessory.┬áMine happens to be a top hat which is perfect for what I’m planning to paint on it. I’m treating my Trikky as a 3D canvas. Most people use these as a means to create the coolest characters they love from movies, anime, and video games. My plans for mine is to make a sideshow piece. The hat will be a perfect accessory to the kitty carnival barker. I’ll be using acrylic paints if what I have in mind doesn’t work out. :’D There will be a ton of trial and error on my part.



Custom Munny Gallery on Flickr

It’ll be good to get back into drawing/painting. I probably will do embroidery in between. I want to finish the Little Mermaid piece and perhaps have it for sale before I continue with my Rococo Cinderella piece. I still plan on making doll clothes but I think I need a wee break after Anime North.

— Rosey

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