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The Supplies Wishlist

March 4th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

We all have one. If you’re a craft/art addict, your list is miles long. Most items can’t really be justified and some say the list is indicative of hoarding. No one can ever have enough craft supplies, yes? When you craft, it’s so easy to cross the fine line of hoarding. I’m trying to be logical about mine- the key word here is trying.  Here goes!

  • DMC Light Effects Metallic embroidery floss – the full range
  • More blues
  • More browns
  • dark oranges
  • teals and aquas
  • Lighter violets
  • purples
  • A sturdy reinforced bag to hold my current projects
  • Embroidery Scissors
  • Various colours of tiny seedbeads
  • A tin from the dollar store to store said vials of seedbeads

It is so easy to make a mile long list. When I see supplies, all I see are endless possibilities of future projects. Therein lies the trap.

— Rosey

N.B. Leah’s hoop is 95% done, Carmy’s and Drew’s hoops will be prepared this weekend. I hope to get Carmy’s done by Tuesday night.

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