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Lavenderfest 2011

July 18th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

Bonnieheath Lavender Farm

I visited Bonnieheath Lavender Farms with the family on a hot Sunday afternoon and the smell of the lavender sent me into a state of contentment. I adore the scent of lavender. This was my chance to see where the lavender grows. They have many different breeds here. I’ve driven by Bonnieheath before they expanded. I believe it was a year ago when I picked up two bundles of dried lavender on a roadside stand near the end of summer.

Lavenderfest is a small event with music, artisans, bbq, wine-tasting, and a tractor ride. I hope it’ll expand in the coming years. I will definitely be attending next year. I also love that it’s held in Waterford where I live.


The artisans were in the barn. I will be doing three artisan features in the upcoming blogs. The farm’s shop had wonderful products. I took home some lavender sugar and some lavender jelly to satisfy the cravings of a dear friend. They had sachets, bath products, herbs du provence, and even lavender shortbread!

More lavender!

There is a gazebo outside which had live musicians and there was a tractor ride running hourly. Under the gazebo away from the scorching sun, there was a cool, gusting breeze and you can sit and admire the gorgeous setting. I’ve lived in Norfolk County for almost six years now and I am always blown away by how beautiful it is out here.

Even more lavender!

I wish the weather was nicer then I could have stayed for longer. I would just love to sip a refreshing drink and soak in the ¬†view. Poor Natalie was getting too hot though so we had to head home and the oppressive heat caused us to wilt. I love how intimate it was and how I know it’ll grow in the coming years. Lavenderfest is a wonderful local event and the setting is amazing. If you love lavender as much as I do, you have to check it out.

Bonnieheath Lavender Farm


I had to leave just one more picture. It was really beautiful out there.

— Rosey


Bonnieheath Lavender Farm

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