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Fishie’s Baby Mobile

October 22nd, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

Fishie's Baby Mobile

It’s done and the shower is today! Thank you to the husband for helping me anchor those pesky fishing lines. I hope Fishie likes it.

— Rosey

March 2nd, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

My OCB kicked in and I redid Jorja’s lettering. I will post the updated version tomorrow. Today, I want to write about the plans I have for Natalie’s room. It’s a shortlist of DIYs. My sister suggested I use the Disney Princesses to decorate but I really wanted something more unique and personal for my daughter. The theme for her room is fairytales. Right now, her bedroom is painted lavender with white moulding. Her crib and her incoming dresser will be chocolate. I have a friend who is giving me a toy chest for her room as well as a rocking horse. I think the missing items left are a bookcase, a rug, and possibly more storage.

This is the shortlist of DIYs:

  1. Custom baby clip holder wreath based on Snow White
  2. Her name in wooden letters – each painted with a pattern
  3. A mobile made of various magical fairytale objects
  4. My friend Ashley is giving me a glass slipper. I will either make a pillow for it or buy one.
  5. A slew of special baby clips

I will start on this list once I’m done all my gift projects. I hope to post some tutorials eventually. The thought of tutorials right now are really hard to swallow because I don’t think I’m ready yet for what’s involved in preparing/writing one. I’m back to working on Leah’s hoop tonight.

— Rosey

A Possible DIY project?

February 16th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

I have organizational woes as well as being sick with sinus problems. I bought a nicely priced rolling storage with three drawers to store my felt. The problem is that the drawers are too deep. I need to sort the felt in each drawer via paper trays. I went to the local dollar store and was hoping to pick some up but there weren’t any. I will probably end up making diy trays. I also plan to customize the storage unit itself. I really adore customizing things.

As for the embroidery, it is still slow going. I will post updates sporadically since it’s so slow going. I hope to work on it tonight. The last two nights, the husband and I were spending quality time playing Little Big Planet 2. Embroidery is scheduled for this evening!

— Rosey

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