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March 31st, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

I absolutely love organization units and storage units. If you’ve been following this post, you’ve seen my storage unit for my embroidery floss. I’ve recently found a storage solution for my seed beads. Last weekend, I went to the closing sale of Brantford’s Fabricland. I scooped up $116 worth of seed beads for $26. Yes, I’m still squealing over the massive 75% sale. But I digress, I intend to integrate these seed beads in my sewn works. Rococo Cinderella will be the first to integrate bead embroidery.

This is a storage unit I purchased from Etsy. I have another coming in the mail. It’s pretty small and perfect for travelling measuring around 4″ x 4″. When it came in, I noticed the jar lids came off easily. This is a big no-no for seed beads. I used sticky tac from the dollar store and smeared it across the lid lines and it really did the trick. It holds enough beads for projects and I just have to refill when it runs low.

Now if only I can pick up embroidery scissors with a cover that doesn’t cost over $20.

— Rosey

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