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I have an about me page. I think I need to add more things to it. Consider this post an addendum. As you all know, I love to create. It’s a burning need. I create, customize, sew, write, and bake. I am a whirling dervish of ideas. I truly find happiness in expressing my creativity.

  • All of my work in beading embroidery is inspired by fairytales.
  • I draw and paint. I really have to get back to doing this again.
  • I am an avid doll collector. I have various Asian ball-jointed-dolls, one Blythe, and one Pullip. I enjoy making their clothes and various props.
  • I love food, cooking, and baking.
  • I love to read. I always have a book on the go. Currently, I am reading Jim C Hines’ Snow Queen’s Shadow. It is the last book of his Princess series. I just finished Carolyn Turgeon’s Rain Village.
  • I am an aspiring writer. I have a novel re-write brewing. I am world-building and doing character sketches at the moment. I hope to start the actual writing process in the near future.
  • I live in the country and I am a converted country girl. It is so beautiful and quiet out here. I don’t think I can ever live in a city again.

I have a loving husband who suffers through Princess-Mental-Syndrome every month as well as a daily barrage of hyper verbal diarrhea detailing future projects and ideas. I have a beautiful, growing toddler who amazes me on a daily basis.

I am impatient, a slave to instant gratification (creatively), and addicted to sushi. I literally crave sushi on a daily basis.

I proclaim to be a cynic and a realist but am truly a closet romantic. I adore fairytales along with a cup of hot chocolate.

Ideas are awesome but execution is better.

Etsy is a dangerous website

Tumblr is a source for inspiration.

Dreams will never die.


— Rosey

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