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Snow White WIP#2

January 13th, 2012 § 3 comments § permalink

Snow White WIP #2 - Whitework

The whitework is taking so much time but I’m really loving the subtle effects. I hope to get all the whitework done soon so I can start on the black lace of the background.

There was a big storm yesterday and migraines galore. I’m still plugging through though and managed to make a bit more headway into my Blythe custom. I’ve carved the lips and philtrum. I’ve installed the handpainted eyechips I’ve finished a few days ago. Lacroix is coming along and it’s taking a while but it’s getting there. I’ve already told myself not to go too fast. There is no rush.

What are you working on? Are you enjoying the snow?

— Rosey

When the World Looks Still…

January 12th, 2012 § 2 comments § permalink

A Slient Hill Morning


It was foggy yesterday morning when I took this picture. It turned the world black and white.  A storm system is supposed to be coming to the area and my brain is pounding. Obviously, this severely cuts down on my creative time. Migraines have been non-existent for a few months but lately, they have been cropping up again.

I’ve sketched out an idea for Princess & the Pea. I’ll need to pick out a nice fabric for the background. I know what I want it to look like. It’ll be beautiful once it’s done. Please let your friends know if you think they would be interested in the giveaway.

Currently, I am working on Snow White- specifically on the whitework of her dress. The palette is still white, red, and black. I don’t want to deviate. I’ll be doing a ton of black lace on the background. I’ll need to pick up more black thread from the quilt store in town. I may also pick up a fabric for Princess & the Pea if I can’t find the right swatch in my fat quarter stashbox.

Here’s a quick list of ongoing projects I’m working on at the moment:

  • Snow White
  • Fat Quarter Box that is forever in limbo
  • My Novel
  • Custom Blythe

This is it. I hope I can get some of these wrapped up soon. What are you working on?

— Rosey

Giveaway! Theme Revealed

January 9th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

Chichi is a Puff

First of all, thank you for all of your comments. I’ve taken everything into consideration and I’ve chosen a subject! It will be The Princess and the Pea. The hoop will be small- around 8.”  I expect to be done in a month. I will present the hoop then and choose a winner from the comments.

— Rosey


Return to Illustration

January 5th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

Lace & Her

I got a chunky art store gift certificate from my sister and it’s given me a chance to return to illustration. I’ve decided to try something new and use copics/inks on wood canvas. The above is the result of a spontaneous afternoon of doodling. I may put that up in my Etsy shop once I figure out the shipping costs. It’ll be around the $25-$30 range plus shipping.

I’m currently working on the piece below. It’s totally spontaneous and I have no idea what I’ll be doing next. I kind of like this seat of my pants method. I am usually pretty meticulous about planning out a piece. This process is kind of nice and organic.


I will be picking up my artwork from Aboveground this weekend. Thanks for those who managed to make it to Aboveground and see it in person. 🙂 It means so much to me.

— Rosey

Well-Stocked vs. Hoarding: When to Draw the Line

January 4th, 2012 § 6 comments § permalink

Creative Options Bead Organizer

Every project needs supplies. No one can deny a swatch of fabric, a vial of beads, or new paints can inspire more ideas. I love going shopping for supplies! Who doesn’t? I get giddy when I see my fabric stash, art supplies, bead stores, and felt packs are running low.

For the shopaholics in us, this is the perfect excuse to go mad. It’s a dangerous habit. Instead of supplies, you are buying possibilities and it’s a heady, addictive experience. This is how hoarding starts. Let’s face it- unless you live in a giant mansion or a castle, you won’t have the space to store everything you continue to buy or have the funds to do so.

In the past, I had the mentality of a hoarder. I see the endless possibilities in so many things. I would remnant dive every time I visited the fabric store. I always went on the hunt at the antique market for interesting finds. I got off on the high of “overstocking”. I can never start or even begin to think about a project unless I have all the items I needed. Needless to say, there were many projects I never started because I rationalized to myself that I didn’t have everything I needed to start. I got to a point when I realized I wasn’t really shopping for supplies anymore. I was just shopping for the sake of shopping. It wasn’t about creating anymore.

If you haven’t crossed the line yet, here are two tips to help curb the hoarding and be “well-stocked” :

  • Choose a limit: This means you choose how much of a type of supply you will acquire. This can easily be determined using the criteria of space. For instance, I have limited my fabric hoard to a pantry and two large rubber tubs. My beads are limited to a plastic shoe box, a small container, and the organizer I posted above. My embroidery floss is in a large special organizer. My embroidery floss balls are in two-three clear plastic containers. My felt stores are limited to one rolling cabinet. This is the physical and mental barrier I’ve placed on myself. I won’t get anything until my stock runs low. I have more than plenty to start and supply any project adequately. If I’m missing a particular color, I can pick it up at the store. Setting a spatial limit is the key to stop needlessly acquiring.
  • Destash and appraise your current stock: Look at every item and realistically ask yourself if you truly need it. Are you really going to make that project with those plastic handles and forks? How are you going to do it? When do you plan on getting it done? Is this just a wistful possibility with no plan of follow through? Free time is precious and you will need to prioritize. These are tough questions for a consummate hoarder because throwing out an object represents an idea or unfulfilled project. Supply items are items. They only begin to have meaning once something is created from them. It represents potential. Potential is just potential when nothing is done. However, when something is accomplished, potential truly reaches its namesake.

Ideally, you want to be in between “Honey, I gotta go to the store to pick up supplies because I have none.” and “OMG! I can’t find anything in my craft room because it looks like the craft fairy exploded.” The urge to use everything and let nothing go to waste is strong. It’s a great principle to apply to what you currently have not what you want to get. You’ll need to ask yourself tough questions. Remember, the less you have the easier it will be to organize.

Are you a hoarder or are you well-stocked?

— Rosey

PS. I will be taking comments/suggestions on my giveaway post until this Friday. Monday, I will post the chosen subject matter of my giveaway. 😀


Welcome 2012!

December 31st, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

Swehaet wine

I don’t really believe in resolutions. I just prefer to list my creative goals for 2012.

  • More illustrations/paintings (I have a massive art order coming in and this is totally doable)
  • At least 6 pieces of elaborate beading embroidery projects done for 2012
  • My novel finished (It is sitting at 40% at 38K)
  • Have a custom Blythe done for myself

This is it. 2011 was great for me creatively! What do you want out of 2012?


— Rosey



An Unexpected Present

December 29th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

Lalaloopsy Suzette La Sweet

We bought this for Natalie this Christmas and she really doesn’t care for it. Lucky for me, I get to keep it. It’s the prettiest Lalaloopsy doll I’ve ever seen. I now have visions of court dresses and Rococo style gowns I want to sew for her in the future.

If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, please comment here with a suggestion of a fairytale subject for my first giveaway!

I am four trophies away from platinuming Skyrim. Embroidery and art will explode after this happens.

Did you have any unexpected gifts over the holidays?

— Rosey


December 27th, 2011 § 18 comments § permalink

DMC #8 Perles

Okay. Brace yourselves! I am about to host a giveaway but I need your help. I need a theme for a mini hoop I’ll be giving away. Please comment and let me know what fairy tale you would like to see! You can request anything even something I’ve already done. The giveaway’s level of amazing depends on you! Feel free to tell your friends who may be interested and link them to this post. This is a giveaway you won’t want to miss!

— Rosey

What I Want in my Crafty Christmas Stocking

December 22nd, 2011 § 1 comment § permalink

Chocolate Truffles


Christmas is just two sleeps away. If I had a stocking and Santa could miraculously read my mind, this is what I’d want:

  1. 15 balls of DMC #8 Perle Cotton Embroidery Thread
  2. Various Miyuki beads
  3. Long Stretcher Bars to make more canvas (12″- 24″)
  4. More 10/0 Czech Glass beads
  5. A plastic container from Swiss Chalet (I use this to store my stock of DMC #8 Perle Cotton balls)
I’m good fabric and felt wise. Thanks Santa for an incredible creative year of 2011.

What do you want in your crafty Christmas stocking? Yes, I know. Chocolates aren’t crafty but they are crafty fuel. 🙂

— Rosey

Snow White and Hansel & Gretel

December 20th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

Prepped Hoop and Canvas

The 12″  hoop with the white patterned fabric is for Snow White. The colourful covered canvas (18″ x 10″)  is for Hansel and Gretel. They are ready to go!

I will be double-fisting these projects. Snow White will have a lot of white work and the colour palette will be red, black, peach, and white. I’m thinking of adding another colour to the mix but overall it will be a simple palette.

Hansel & Gretel will be an explosion of colours and beads. I just know it.

Are you planning anything special projects after Christmas?


— Rosey




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