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Almost Back to Work

February 26th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink


Shelby's New Eyelids

I’m getting there recovery wise. I should be back to embroidery, sewing, etc. by next week. In the meantime, I’ve been overdosing on Mass Effect 2 and playing with my Blythes. I just redid Shelby’s eyelids. I’m so happy with the new lids. I also replaced her faceplate and redid her faceup with a more subtle look.

I am going for a post-op appointment sometime this week. I hope to stop by Chapters and pick up a book or two on plushies. I figure I’ll need them to help me figure out what I need to do to make my Coraline doll better.

I hope you are all well!

Are you as anxious as I am about spring being around the corner?

— Rosey

Recuperating from Surgery

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Hey!  I’m still alive. I’m just recuperating from surgery I had on Valentine’s Day. I’m still a ways away from recovering. I can’t pick Natalie up until next Tuesday at least. I’m sewing a little bit Blythe wise because it’s so small and easy to do. I haven’t been doing much else.

In the meantime, I’m taking it easy playing Mass Effect 2 which Robert gave me for Valentine’s. He definitely knows the way to my heart. I have a ton of projects ups in the air. I’m not too happy about it but I need to rest. I really have to just take it easy. Yes, I keep telling myself this. I know I pulled a muscle overexerting myself yesterday.

List of Projects Until May:

– Coraline Cosplay

– Coraline Doll

– Doll North Cosplay Contest Entry

– Doll North items for sale

– Snow White


I hope you all have been well! What were you up to on Valentine’s Day?


— Rosey


NB. My DSLR kicked the can. I’m waiting on a back ordered Nikon. 🙁

Mini Puff Quilt Project

February 6th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

Mini Puff Quilt

Mini Puff Quilt

Mini Puff Quilt


It’s done! It measures about 5″.  I totally overstuffed the puffs. Next time I know I need even more rows- possibly seven across and down. It serves as a perfect lap quilt for Blythes and Pullips.

How was your weekend?

— Rosey

Shelby – My First Custom Blythe

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I learned so much from customizing her. She has a slight worried and scared expression which I love. I did gaze correction, boggling, sleep eyes, hand-painted eye chips, carving, and the faceup. I really loved the process and am saving for another doll or two. I have two in mind- Snowflake Sonata and My Little Candy. I want to get a stock one last which I want to reroot with strawberry red mohair.

In other news, I’ve finished my doll quilt and am starting to work on Coraline again. I’ve been pretty sick recently and haven’t been able to do much.

Keep the germs away, my friends!


— Rosey

Coraline Update

January 31st, 2012 § 2 comments § permalink

Coraline's Dragonfly Hair Clips

Coraline’s Dragonfly Clip is done! I will be wearing this with my newly-dyed hair for AN. I’m really happy I went with my instincts and did beading embroidery. 😀

This is the reference pic:

Coraline's Dragonfly Hair Clip Reference Pics

This is the progress shot of the doll. The head will hopefully be drafted/sewn soon. I’ve been feeling very much under the weather lately with a nasty cough, cold, and sore throat. I just hope I can do the doll justice. I may make another one just so I can tweak the pattern. I’m not sure yet.

Coraline's Doll Body

In other news, my pinking shears are at the post office. I can pick them up today. Mini quilts are forthcoming after I finish this doll. 🙂

What are you working on? I hope you are all keeping the germs away!


— Rosey


Coraline Doll Supplies

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Coraline Doll Supplies

Today at Lens Mill Store in Port Dover, I picked up everything I need to make the Coraline doll:

– Buttons! – Ok, so I found the yellow ones but I did take two sets of the black to see which would look better as eyes.

– Burlap-like Fabric – Real burlap was really rough and the weave isn’t as tight. I got something that looks like burlap but the weave is much tighter and it catches the light better.

– Black Rain Gear – This is for the skirt of the doll. I opted for this fabric because it’s heavier and it’s shiny. I can make a fuller skirt with it.

– Coral Cotton – I believe it’s cotton and it has this subtle shimmer to it- the way it catches the light. This will serve as the shirt for the doll.

– Blue & Black Yarn – This is for Coraline’s hair.

– Yellow Burlap – This is for the raincoat. I tried finding something else that looked like the type of fabric they used in the movie but I couldn’t find anything comparable. I went with this because it was a nice colour and I liked the weight of it.

The total damage for the supplies (including 3 sheets of black felt not pictured) was $33.08. I’ll be starting the clip tonight. I am going to do beading embroidery to get the dragonfly clip done. I’ve also done a foil base form for the Seeing Stone. I should have progress pics by Monday.

What are you planning this weekend?


— Rosey

NB. I am prepping Princess & the Pea’s hoop this weekend. I’ll be working on it while I work on this. 🙂

Coraline Cosplay for Anime North

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Natalie’s favourite movie is Coraline. Robert and I only go to one con a year and it’s Anime North. I thought it would be fitting that I finally took the plunge and go in cosplay. I chose Natalie’s favourite character Coraline.

I will be going as the star-sweatered Coraline. I will need to find a sparkly navy blue mock turtleneck/turtleneck sweater which I will hand applique stars on. I’ll also need black jeans and blue boots. I figure I can find blue boots or paint any comfy pair of boots at Goodwill/Sally Ann. I’ll need to make the dragonfly hair pin as well as a 12″ Coraline doll. I can’t wait to get started on the replica doll. I’m buying the supplies on Friday. Of course, everything will be documented well in this blog. I want to make this cosplay good enough so I can email a picture to Neil Gaiman and Henry Selick. Actually, I need to impress my toughest critic first and that would be Natalie.

I hope to get this all done by March. After March, I’ll have two months to work on the Doll North competition as well as stock for my Doll North marketplace table.

The best part is getting my hair dyed and cut like Coraline’s. I’m excited about having blue hair.

Have you ever cosplayed? (Hahah. Carla, you know I’m not referring to you because you are a pro.)


— Rosey


Mistakes! They do happen! Adventures in Blythe Customization

January 24th, 2012 § 13 comments § permalink

Simply Guava

I asked my dear friend Fishie about what type of blog posts she likes to read. She said she’d love to see some fail pics of projects. I am going to deliver on that account. I’ve bought a Simply Guava Blythe for my very first customization project. I’ve pored through the Puchi Collective Tutorials for months!  I should be ready! Ha ha no. I wasn’t.

I managed to get her head open no problems. I managed to get her scalp off without much issues. I did crack/chip the lip of the plastic inner scalp. I hope it’s not vital in the long run. I was grunting and sweating by the end and it’s not even the most difficult part. Armed with my precision screwdriver set, I tackled the task of removing the eye mechanism. The entire house was flooded in blue from the creative, acidic cusswords I shot off like the rounds of a machine gun. Thank goodness I did this while Natalie was asleep.

Eventually with a lot of force and crying, I got that eye mechanism out. I think it took forty minutes because I didn’t want to break the damned thing.  The weather didn’t cooperate for redoing the eyelids or faceup. I did managed to do some lip carving which was really enjoyable. I sanded the faceplate down as well as the eyelids. I managed to get a nice coat of paint and basically what I wanted for the lids here:

Eyelids Version 1.0


I was fairly satisfied with the way the eyelids looked. Then I glossed it. It smeared but it looked like burnt lace. It still looked okay to me. Then I placed everything together and put the eye mechanism back into place. I wanted to change the eyes into sleep eyes. I did so but it still wasn’t closing right. I then realized I had to cut a cube out of a part of the eye mechanism. Cusswords ensued because I had to take the blasted thing apart again.

In the frustration and process, I managed to scratch the eyelids. This means I have to repaint them OVER again. In retrospect it’s probably for the best since I can do better this time around. I also took out the eye chips I’ve painted and decided they weren’t good enough. I was totally right. I repainted them over again the the change is remarkable. I finally achieved the results I wanted! Below are the before and after pics. The left is the crappy first version. The right is the version I accomplished last night. I’m so darned pleased with the results.

Blue Eyes Comparison

Lavender Eye Comparison

Blue / Pink Eye Comparison

Green Eye Comparison

I’ve learned so much from this process. I also find myself enjoying it immensely. The learning curve is brutal but I love it and am planning to save for another Blythe for my birthday. I hope the weather clears up soon so I can continue with my eyelid and faceup repaints.

What are the recent mistakes you’ve learned from?

— Rosey



And the Beat Goes On

January 23rd, 2012 § 2 comments § permalink

Tin Man and Lion from Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

I’m still here. I’ve been dealing with a looming health issue and it seems like everything I’ve been working on has been taking forever to finish. I have three projects on the go at the moment yet none has progressed very far. The order is descending from least progress to most:

1) Blythe – The weather has been either too cold or too rainy for me to use the sealant for the faceup and the painting of the eyelids

2) Snow White – It is taking forever!!! The lacework is killing me.

3) Doll Lingerie – I’ve just recently started this and it’s taking a while as well. This project has given me more progress than the other two.

I am still waiting on 3mm pinking shears I bought from eBay. I hope it comes in soon. I know starting yet another project isn’t really wise but I want to do something that has instant gratification. I want to see considerable progress as soon as I can. I think my mini quilts will do the job.
I hope you are all well! Happy Chinese New Year! What are you toiling on?
— Rosey


Winter Blahs

January 18th, 2012 § 0 comments § permalink

Foggy Morning

In between projects or when I’m doing something that’s taking forever, I always get into a little rut. Snow White is taking forever since I’m doing lacework. I’m running out of black thread and need to wait for the thread I ordered to come in. I am customizing my Blythe but I keep running into snags. It feels like it’s taking forever. I’m still working on my novel and I’m making headway. Again tho, it’s taking forever. I feel like a hamster in a wheel.

In reality, I’m probably getting quite a bit done. It’s just that it’s not quantifiable.  I am a base creature of instant gratification. Lately, I haven’t been getting any and it’s putting me into a funk. I have devised of a way to snap myself out of it. I need to get started on Hansel and Gretel and maybe prep the Princess and the Pea hoop by this weekend. I also am thinking of starting my plushie project which never left the conception stage. I hope these new projects will inject some creativity mojo into me again.

Have you gotten into a rut lately? Most importantly, are you taking steps to snap yourself out of it?

— Rosey

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