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Favorite Tales from Grimm

As a child, I loved going to the library. Sometimes, I find myself taking out a special book regularly just because I loved it so much. Because books were rare growing up, I borrowed at least 10 books from each trip. One particular book set me on a path towards fantasy art. The illustrations in this book were magical and just sparked such a creative fire within me. Two days ago, I went looking for the book which I am certain would be out of print. I had no idea where to begin. I just remembered the book containing Grimm’s fairytales. My husband suggested I somehow contact the Toronto Public Library and see if they have a record of every book I’ve taken out. It was a viable option and I pulled up the library’s website. I found they had an online catalogue and typed in “grimm.” 1700 search results later and multiple tabs open with Google search for images, I found the book!

Favourite Tales from Grimm illustrated by Mercer Mayer

I found a decent copy in the Chapters/Indigo marketplace. It should arrive in a month. I can’t wait. This is a book I will always treasure and its sentimental value to me is priceless.

— Rosey






Priorities, priorities

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My little Lychee

So this cloak is killing me. I need to get it done and just start sculpting. I miss doing my embroidery. I’m also itching and researching to get started on building/making miniatures for my Blythe/Pullip diorama. My motivation is dwindling because I’m stalled in this project and I’m just itching to get on with what I want to do. Month-long projects are now a big no-no for me. I think I’ll stick to weekend projects or buffers.

A proper update is coming soon once I finish embroidering this cloak.

— Rosey


On Writing

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Brantford Twin Valley Zoo

I’ve never had any problems coming up with ideas and being truly inspired. My problem always lay in the execution. Having English as a second language put me in a strange position. I had issues with grammar classes early and to this day, I still rely on someone to edit my work- especially if it’s an essay. My tenses suck. Why? There are no tenses in the Chinese/Tagalog language which I grew up with. I know I need to get better.

I have extensive notes on an encompassing series. I’ve built a world and characters within it. I haven’t really written anything that is good enough in my eyes. I want to give this world I created justice. I don’t think I’m even close to where I want to be writing wise. I am not really happy with my writing style yet. The only way to remedy this is to keep practicing and to get better. I believe it is also important to read. I need to read to continue to improve my taste. In time, with a ton of practice, my taste will match my skills. In embroidery/art, I feel I’m where I want to be. In writing, I know I’m lacking.

I’ve devised a personal writing exercise regime. I will be starting soon. I’m hoping some of what I produce will eventually be used in the manuscripts I’ll write about Nelve. The exercise consists of using an image as inspiration and writing a scene about it which takes place in Nelve. I hope in a few years I finally be ready to write the Nelve Chronicles on my own terms.

— Rosey

Little Red

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Little Red Detail #1

Little Red Detail #2

Little Red Detail #3

Little Red Detail #4

Little Red

She is finished! I believe I started July 12th and this piece is now done. It’s a ton of work but I’m really pleased with it. There are so many details I didn’t capture. I find it more satisfying to see it in person. I’ll be taking a hiatus for a bit. I’ll be doing some sketching, crafting, etc. The next piece is already planned and sketched out in my head.

— Rosey

Lavenderfest 2011: Jim Jackson

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Jim Jackson's Monkey Sculpture

When I first moved to the country from the city, one of the events I looked forward to was the Norfolk County Fair. Robert would take me and we always love looking at the art. One of the artists catching my eye was Jim Jackson. He is a master of airbrushing and is also an accomplished sculptor. I’ve admired his work from afar and finally got a chance to meet him while he was doing a demonstration at the fairgrounds.

Jim Jackson

Jim Jackson

Jim Jackson

He is down to earth and extremely talented. He has such a skill for capturing wildlife. His transition to sculpting is natural. While at Lavenderfest, I found him carving into a very large, long log. He is working on a totem pole project. I approached him and was pleasantly surprised that he remembered me. I haven’t been active in the art scene in the area for a long time- especially in the last two years with having Natalie.

Jim Jackson

Jim Jackson

Jim Jackson and Natalie

It’s always wonderful to see an artist one admires. It made Lavenderfest extra special. Jim is an incredible local artist and I can’t wait to see how his project turns out. I’ll be on the lookout for his work again this year at the County Fair.

— Rosey

Lavenderfest 2011: April Maxwell

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April Maxwell

April Maxwell

April Maxwell

April Maxwell

April Maxwell is one of the talented artisans I’ve had the pleasure to meet at Lavenderfest. She is a local and also teaches pottery.

I love the natural palette in her work and the glazes she uses. There is a rustic quality in her pieces. The patterns she uses and the imprints are stunning. She experiments with textures but the resulting aesthetic is always organic. Her pottery reflects the natural beauty found in Norfolk County. I fell in love with the frosty leaf plate in the last pic. I wish I had a china cabinet to showcase it for I would have taken it home. Next year, when I attend Lavenderfest, I hope to!

— Rosey



Maxwell Manor Pottery

59 Concession 12

RR#3 Waterford, ON


On learning new things…

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Sweet Dreams @ Anime North

I enjoy learning new things. I’ve tried paper quilling, needle-felting, and a bunch of other hobbies that never really stuck. I enjoy the learning process and seeing if it’s something I actually want to do. Most often that not, I end up spending around $50 to learn something I end up not liking. Very few things actually stick. Of the most recent undertakings, embroidery is one. I also found out through customizing my Trikky that it may be something I’d want to do occasionally in the future because of the enjoyment and the result. I’m really concerned about results when it comes to trying anything new. I know it’s not that logical since when most people try something new, they rarely get wonderful results. I’m impatient, demanding, and a whole lot of illogical when it comes to the process.

Only embroidery and the recent Trikky custom came out with results I’m really pleased with. Therefore these two relatively “new” ventures become a part of my short list of hobbies. I’ve started embroidery this January and have loved the results from it. As for the Trikky, my first try and I’ve thoroughly adored the process and the amazing results.

I made a really short list of things I want to try for the relatively near future:

  1. Doll-sized Plushies – I tried needle-felting and it didn’t do what I wanted it to do. I think sewing proper softies/plushies are next on my list. I want to make mini dolls for all my dolls in all kinds of animals/characters, etc.
  2. Doll-sized Furniture – I’ve always liked Victorian style furniture and I can’t find any decent doll-sized ones for the price I want to pay. I bought a miniature furniture making book and I hope to learn from that. This is far into the future. I can’t even get started on this until the basement is finished and I reclaim my studio. Yes, imagine Rosey with power tools.
  3. Pottery – I took pottery classes in high school and I remembered loving them. I hope to take this up again one day. This is a pipe dream.

All of this is speculation at the moment. I’m always up to learning anything and item number one is the most likely to happen sometime this year. I’m always on the lookout to try/learn something new. I try a ton of things and most of them don’t stick. If it does stick, I tend to keep going back to it and continue to add it to my giant projects pile.

— Rosey


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