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The 10000 Hour Theory

August 1st, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Julius' Garden

I was reading Shania Twain’s autobiography when I came across a passage about the 10000 Hour Theory. The theory is that in order to master anything you need to put in 10000 hours of practice. It makes a ton of sense to me and I am a believer. I want to do this for myself with my writing and with my art (includes embroidery and illustration).

I was thinking of taking a hiatus but I changed my mind. I will get small projects done but I am going to still have a project on the go. I felt a sense of loss when I finished Little Red. I was just eager to start on the next project and my mind is already brimming with ideas. Initially I wanted to do Hansel and Gretel as the next big piece but a new idea supplanted it. Hansel and Gretel will join my long list of future projects. The next big project will be Titania and Oberon. I won’t start on this until I’m finished making a friend’s present and have completed a mini project. The mini project will be a portrait of a fairy tale character.

Apparently, being idle isn’t something I’m comfortable with at the moment. It’s part of my somewhat ADD personality. I’m happiest when I have a novel and a few projects on the go.

— Rosey

Weekend Plans

July 14th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Flowers from Julius' Garden

Due to the Canada Post strike, I’m still missing items in the mail. One of these are the joints I bought for my plushies project. I’m in no rush since my plate is full. I’m still working on Little Red. I’ll be doing my birthday present project for a friend afterwards. However, I am at a loss to what I should be doing embroidery wise after Little Red. I keep going back to Snow Queen but I just finished a frosty like palette with Little Mermaid. 12 Dancing Princesses also come into mind as well as Allerleiruah. Choices, choices…

What I do know is that this weekend I’ll be heading to Bonnie Heath Lavender Farms. They have a Lavenderfest and I’m hoping to bring the baby and my parents. I’m looking forward to snagging some lavender sugar, lavender jellies, and other stuff. It should be fun to see Natalie run around the lavender fields. I hope to take a bunch of pictures. The setting should be perfect! I hope it won’t be too hot. It’s been way too humid and hot around here for a while.

Back to embroidery, nine more teeth to go before I can put always these pearly white beads.

— Rosey


Dreams & Rococo Cinderella WIP #3

June 23rd, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Rococo Cinderella WIP #3

Rococo Cinderella is underway. I hope to get the lettering done soon then the pink flowery embroidery on the right side of the over dress. After those two are done, I’ll start the beading and I have wonderful ideas on how I’ll make the center of the blue underdress sparkle.

As I continue working on Rococo Cinderella and plan out future projects, I wonder to myself where my love of embroidery/beading will take me. A long time dream of mine is to host a gallery exhibition of my art work. I really want this to happen. However before I get ahead of myself, I need a large catalogue of work to make it happen.

Here is a short list of future projects:

  1. Rococo Cinderella (underway)
  2. Little Red
  3. 12 Dancing Princesses
  4. Sleeping Beauty
  5. Snow White
  6. Beauty and the Beast
  7. Allerleirauh
  8. East of the Sun West of the Moon

Everything after 12 Dancing Princesses will be up in the air project wise. I may change the order or I may not. I may also add more. I want to have at least 15 to 20  pieces of work before I even start the gallery option. Once I’m finished with a large/beautiful catalogue, then I can explore my options of approaching a gallery with my work or renting a venue myself. The promotional materials will need to be made (posters, postcards, business cards). I’ll need to revamp this site by adding a large gallery section. I also will include inquiries on artwork if anyone wants to buy anything online. A Facebook fan page might also be in order. This is so far into the future I can’t even wrap my head around this yet.

My primary goal is to continue to produce embroidery art and to get better and continue to enter into the County Fair to get some name recognition around here. This is my first priority. Everything else comes afterwards.

— Rosey


To Do List for April and May

April 5th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

A Beautiful Afghan by my Sister-In-Law

For the months of April and May, I need to get two main things done aside from editing my novel. I am making a hoop for a friend of mine- Nicole. The other is sewing doll clothes for Anime North in May. I haven’t touched my dolls since I packed them up at the last trimester of my pregnancy. My baby is now a year old. I hope to post sketches. Dolls are a wonderful hobby I have that I photograph and sew for. I hope to be posting sewing doll clothes in the future.

As for the writing, I have submitted my manuscript to a few places and I hope I’ll hear something back before the end of May. May is my cut off date. If I don’t hear back from anyone then we will self-publish The Scent Enchantress on I’ll be making a dedicated post about The Scent Enchantress in the future.

— Rosey

Storage Solutions

March 31st, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

I absolutely love organization units and storage units. If you’ve been following this post, you’ve seen my storage unit for my embroidery floss. I’ve recently found a storage solution for my seed beads. Last weekend, I went to the closing sale of Brantford’s Fabricland. I scooped up $116 worth of seed beads for $26. Yes, I’m still squealing over the massive 75% sale. But I digress, I intend to integrate these seed beads in my sewn works. Rococo Cinderella will be the first to integrate bead embroidery.

This is a storage unit I purchased from Etsy. I have another coming in the mail. It’s pretty small and perfect for travelling measuring around 4″ x 4″. When it came in, I noticed the jar lids came off easily. This is a big no-no for seed beads. I used sticky tac from the dollar store and smeared it across the lid lines and it really did the trick. It holds enough beads for projects and I just have to refill when it runs low.

Now if only I can pick up embroidery scissors with a cover that doesn’t cost over $20.

— Rosey

Another birthday has come and gone

March 30th, 2011 § 1 comment § permalink

Another birthday has come and gone and I always spend it in a somewhat depressive state of contemplation. Each year I tend to bring out the personal meter stick and realize how short I’ve fallen against it. I’m trying to break this bad habit and actually make goals to achieve my dreams. Three of my goals this year is to be published for my fantasy romance novel, The Scent Enchantress, to exhibit well in my artwork and continue to improve, and to revamp this site.

Goal 1: The Scent Enchantress

Before I had my baby, I finished a novel, gave it to friends to read, and left it on the shelf. It’s a 75K manuscript about a quirky librarian who comes into her magical powers as a Scent Enchantress. It’s set in a fictional suburb of Toronto and is infused with much humor as well as romance. Robert brought it out recently and reminded me of its existence. With the baby around, I pretty much forgotten all about it. I’ve submitted it to three literary agencies. If I don’t hear from them by May, I will go with the self-publishing route and have it up in the Amazon Kindle Store. Whether it be through conventional methods or self-publication methods, my book will be out there by June.

Goal 2: My artwork

By the end of this year, I want to have completed enough pieces to have healthy body of work. I want to be proficient and have enough art to have an exhibition within two years. I already have pieces I’m hoping to submit to the local county fair this year. I’m going to be exploring a few more new techniques before settling down and establishing my style. This is all pertaining to my needlecraft. As for my illustrations, i hope to do them as well in conjunction to my sewing just to keep pace.

Goal 3: This website

I am not happy with the way this blog looks. It bothers me to no end and I know it’s affecting my creativity levels. I hope to remedy this soon. I want to add a custom header and get everything to look the way I want it to. It’s a weird compulsion but I like having everything in order before getting anything done. I acknowledge that it is a horrible habit. I tend to do this with my art. I have to get all the supplies so my mind can start a project. Sometimes one just have to get off their ass and just get it done.

I’ve also been thinking about the frequency of my blogging. How often should I blog? I deal with embroidered works so it takes a while to see any progress. I’m hoping to blog either Monday, Wednesday, Fridays or Tuesdays, Thursdays. It’s one or the other. I think a weekly blog is not enough. I haven’t decided yet what schedule to keep but this should be settled soon.

— Rosey

Drew WIP#1

March 23rd, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

I chose a busy urban/city inspired fabric for little Drew. This particular hoop is full of colour. I will be making a miniDrew tonight and perhaps the boom crane which the monkey and Drew are hanging on.

I’ve been keeping busy editing my novel and finishing up my list of gifts. After Drew’s hoop is done, I’ll be back to Cinderella in full force every other night. I’ll be sewing on nights when Robert watches sports. He’s currently caught up on the Leafs playoff race for that last lonely 8th spot. My husband is a a poor eternal suffering Leafs fan.

I’ve also been making a list of supplies I’d like. DMC floss is on top of the list. I’m also interested in getting more seedbeads but I’m really particular about what kind I get. I need to see it in person and see how the light affects it. This means I’ll be scouting for bead stores in the area. There used to be two but they are now both out of business. I swear running a small business in a small town like Simcoe  (pop 30K) is touch in ago. Most barely survive their first year. If I can’t go local, I’ll have to figure out where we can drive to that’s not too far for the baby. She hates car rides.

On another note, this website is still under construction. I’m not quite happy with the overall look yet. It’ll be customized soon by the husband. After I’ev finished editing my novel, it’ll be his turn. The title of the novel is “The Scent Enchantress.” It is a quirky fantasy. I’ll post links and more info when the time draws near to launch it in the Kindle Store on the website.

— Rosey


The Art of Focus

March 10th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

I am deeply involved in Dragon Age II now. It’s my downtime in between projects. I will be starting Drew’s soon. I’ve been thinking about what I want to do and how much I want to do. I love creating projects and learning new techniques. My problem has always been “too many fingers in too many pies.” I have creative ADD. I just love doing too many things at the same time. A jack of all trades! Realistically, I need to focus to get better on some things because being great at a million things is impossible. I’ve narrowed it down to three areas: drawing/painting, sewing, and writing. I really want to do well in these three areas so I can’t go off and make baby clips like I want or do other things. It’s a realistic and logical goal. I’m going to stick to it and try and hone my focus.

In the meantime, I’m returning to Dragon Age II when night falls and the baby is asleep.

— Rosey


The Supplies Wishlist

March 4th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

We all have one. If you’re a craft/art addict, your list is miles long. Most items can’t really be justified and some say the list is indicative of hoarding. No one can ever have enough craft supplies, yes? When you craft, it’s so easy to cross the fine line of hoarding. I’m trying to be logical about mine- the key word here is trying.  Here goes!

  • DMC Light Effects Metallic embroidery floss – the full range
  • More blues
  • More browns
  • dark oranges
  • teals and aquas
  • Lighter violets
  • purples
  • A sturdy reinforced bag to hold my current projects
  • Embroidery Scissors
  • Various colours of tiny seedbeads
  • A tin from the dollar store to store said vials of seedbeads

It is so easy to make a mile long list. When I see supplies, all I see are endless possibilities of future projects. Therein lies the trap.

— Rosey

N.B. Leah’s hoop is 95% done, Carmy’s and Drew’s hoops will be prepared this weekend. I hope to get Carmy’s done by Tuesday night.

March 2nd, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

My OCB kicked in and I redid Jorja’s lettering. I will post the updated version tomorrow. Today, I want to write about the plans I have for Natalie’s room. It’s a shortlist of DIYs. My sister suggested I use the Disney Princesses to decorate but I really wanted something more unique and personal for my daughter. The theme for her room is fairytales. Right now, her bedroom is painted lavender with white moulding. Her crib and her incoming dresser will be chocolate. I have a friend who is giving me a toy chest for her room as well as a rocking horse. I think the missing items left are a bookcase, a rug, and possibly more storage.

This is the shortlist of DIYs:

  1. Custom baby clip holder wreath based on Snow White
  2. Her name in wooden letters – each painted with a pattern
  3. A mobile made of various magical fairytale objects
  4. My friend Ashley is giving me a glass slipper. I will either make a pillow for it or buy one.
  5. A slew of special baby clips

I will start on this list once I’m done all my gift projects. I hope to post some tutorials eventually. The thought of tutorials right now are really hard to swallow because I don’t think I’m ready yet for what’s involved in preparing/writing one. I’m back to working on Leah’s hoop tonight.

— Rosey

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