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Blythe Project

August 22nd, 2011 § 1 comment § permalink


I’ve been invited to do an online magazine submission. I was hoping to do a Pullip project but I don’t know when my Pullip will arrive so I’ll be using my Blythe. Givenchy is a custom Blythe I bought off Yahoo! Japan Auctions. I will be doing a fairy outfit for her. If my Pullip arrives on time, I’ll make something for her too. I will be naming my Pullip – Chanel. Two of my fave designers of all time. I just can’t help myself.  This means my hoop Dorothy will be on hold for a bit. It is prepped and I may do the felt appliques in the meantime.

— Rosey

Swan Girl

August 18th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Swan Girl

Swan Girl Detail #1

Swan Girl Detail #2

She is finished! I think she is more of a personal piece for me. I’m quite pleased with her exaggerated proportions and the white work details. I’ve learned so much in doing the fine details such as the feathers. With each project finished, I feel more confident about my style, colour choices and my skills. I’ve been hand sewing close to four years now. I started with learning to make doll clothes which I still do and yearn to do. I will be working on a magazine submission in the future. I’ve gotten into embroidery just this January and I am in love with the art. I find that with embroidery, the results match my ideas. It’s hit and miss with other pursuits.

On another note, I do like having mini projects in between. I had enough time working on her to figure out what I need to do for Dorothy. Dorothy will be as intense and complicated as Little Red. I’ll be using the same sized hoop. I’m starting it tonight.

— Rosey

NB.  I have a writing themed post slated for tomorrow.

Anime North and Doll North

May 30th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

This is what I spent a month slaving on- my Kiki’s Delivery Service cosplay.

I’ve made everything from scratch except for her shoes and her actual wig. The list of stuff I made was her dress, undershirt, bloomers, satchel, headbow, radio, broom, Gigi, birdcage, birdcage cover, and cat doll with note. It was really fun making this cosplay. It also made me realize I’d love to do one a year just for me if I can swing it.

This is the Photo Entry:

This is the end result:

I won 1st place in the Seamstress category, 1st in the Photo entry, and Best in Show!

Anime North was wonderful and extremely hectic. The baby had a wonderful time at her grandparents and this bodes well for next year. I’ll be booking our hotel room early yet again and getting tickets. Robert and I had a wonderful time just wandering in and around the panels/rooms, seeing cosplayers, and meeting up with friends we haven’t seen in months or a year.

I bought myself two Trikkys which I will post about soon. I plan on customizing them in the very near future after I finish up my Little Mermaid embroidery piece. I have to get back into routine again and after such a hectic weekend, it gets hard to get back it.

— Rosey

Kiki’s Delivery Service Doll Cosplay for Doll North

April 22nd, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Kiki's Delivery Service

I will be attending Anime North in late May. I am also attending Doll North which is the bjd component of that convention. There is a contest for Doll North in the sewing/cosplay category for dolls with a Studio Ghibli Theme. I’ll be using Satine (my Unoa) as my model to recreate Kiki. I will be making this to complete the cosplay:

  1. Broom
  2. Satchel
  3. Kiki’s Headbow
  4. Kiki’s Dress
  5. Gigi

In addition to working on the cosplay, I’ll also be making/organizing the booth/table representing GTA Dolls (formerly TDAF). Yep. I just added a ton more work to my plate. I’ll be super busy until June. Nicole’s hoop is the first priority then Kiki and the booth setup. This means that my Mori Girl project for my doll Reve will be put on hold until after June.

Keeping this busy might be a great thing for me. I don’t have time anymore to waste on anxiety over whether I will hear back from my query letter submissions for my novel. Robert said the best perspective is just to forget about my submissions and concentrate on getting my novel onto the Kindle Store by July. I know having so much on my plate is a blessed distraction from my anxiety of whether I will or will not hear back from the publishers and agents I submitted to.

— Rosey

Mori Girl Sewing Project

April 18th, 2011 § 1 comment § permalink

A Deer .. A Female Deer

Mori Girl (definition) – “mori girl” is a young woman who seems to be in a forest. “Mori” means forest in Japanese.

These are tumblr blogs that illustrate the fashion: Girls of the Forest, Mori Girl, ohyeahmorigirl.

So the deer is an appropriate pic yes? I have many hobbies and one of them is dolls. I love making my own dresses and outfits for my dolls. I packed all my dolls away months before I gave birth to Natalie. I’m planning to take them out soon. Thanks to the husband, I finished my doll collection and my last doll will be in soon. I want to dress her in the mori girl style. I’ll be sewing again! I love making my own patterns and accessories. I already have a pair of boots for her. The rest I will have to make.

To Do List:

  • Simple print dress/pinafore
  • Miniature Felt Flower Brooch
  • A long knit cardigan in neutral with lace accents
  • Felt or canvas flower headpiece
  • Deer Accessory – Either a Satchel Bag or a Stuffed Toy
  • Scrunchy Socks or Tights or both?

My friend Jules suggested tea-staining lace. I’ll be using this tea-staining lace DIY.

I’m really excited. The due date for this project is late May. 🙂

— Rosey


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