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Coraline Cosplay for Anime North

January 26th, 2012 § 1 comment § permalink


Natalie’s favourite movie is Coraline. Robert and I only go to one con a year and it’s Anime North. I thought it would be fitting that I finally took the plunge and go in cosplay. I chose Natalie’s favourite character Coraline.

I will be going as the star-sweatered Coraline. I will need to find a sparkly navy blue mock turtleneck/turtleneck sweater which I will hand applique stars on. I’ll also need black jeans and blue boots. I figure I can find blue boots or paint any comfy pair of boots at Goodwill/Sally Ann. I’ll need to make the dragonfly hair pin as well as a 12″ Coraline doll. I can’t wait to get started on the replica doll. I’m buying the supplies on Friday. Of course, everything will be documented well in this blog. I want to make this cosplay good enough so I can email a picture to Neil Gaiman and Henry Selick. Actually, I need to impress my toughest critic first and that would be Natalie.

I hope to get this all done by March. After March, I’ll have two months to work on the Doll North competition as well as stock for my Doll North marketplace table.

The best part is getting my hair dyed and cut like Coraline’s. I’m excited about having blue hair.

Have you ever cosplayed? (Hahah. Carla, you know I’m not referring to you because you are a pro.)


— Rosey


Panic! Men Lavender Shortbread Recipe

September 12th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

When a Bunny Attacks! A Scene in Lavender Shortbread

Lavender Shortbread Bunny Run

Lavender Shortbread Pandemonium

Since the arrival of Natalie, I barely had time to bake. I used to bake and cook as a hobby on occasion. On the weekend, I visited Bonnieheath Lavender Farm again and I picked up lavender sugar. I modified a shortbread recipe and this is the result! The bunnies went to my neighbours Ray and Ruth. It was perfect timing since Ray is recovering from hip surgery. I still want to make lavender almond cream filling for the little screaming men to make panic sandwiches.

Here is the recipe!

Lavender Shortbread


1 cup of butter

2 cups of all purpose flour

1 egg

1/2 cup of superfine sugar

1/2 cup of lavender sugar

2 tsp of vanilla extract

Small cute animal/person mold/cutter

One toothpick

One chopstick


1) Preheat the oven to 320F. Line the cookie tray with parchment paper.

2) Combine all the ingredients in a bowl. Make sure the butter is softened so it’s easier to mix.

3) Roll out the dough and use your mold. Make sure it’s about 1/4 of an inch thick. I find this makes it crispy but substantial.  When you have your shapes laid out (make sure you have room around it to expand a little), use the toothpick to poke in the eyes and the narrow end of the chopstick for the mouth. Press the chopstick in deep so the indentation is evident after baking. Bake for 18 minutes for a full tray.

4) Allow cookies to cool on a wire rack completely then start the Panic! tea party.


Hope you enjoy the recipe!

— Rosey

When Something Goes Wrong

August 29th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Chanel - Romantic Alice Pullip


So I was totally gungho in doing this Pullip niche project! I bought the box and have a total list of supplies I bought with a manageable budget. Then I did more research. I realized I was totally in way over my head. I’m a perfectionist and when I start a project, I want the end result to meet my standards. This project will not turn out the way I want it to because there are very little or no playscale items that meet the aesthetic standard I am looking for and because of the previous point, I will have to build everything I want and I don’t have the time, space, and funds to do so at this point.

I will use the box I bought and turn it into a fat quarter stash box. I will be taking pics and doing a quicky tutorial for that. I feel a little disheartened because building a diorama/getting into miniatures is something on my wishlist but I just can’t do right now. I’m caught up in getting back into doll sewing, have the embroidery underway, and want to start writing again. I often feel like I wish I could cell-divide to be able to do all these things. Precious time is also scarce which makes everything even more daunting. The project setback is more of a blow to my creative ego. I hope to be able to do this all one day. In the meantime, I really shouldn’t pile more on my full plate as is. There are days when I wished I lived forever so I can just do everything I want to do. This is one of those days.

Juggling Act

August 28th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Where I store my works at the moment

I am trying to juggle three burgeoning projects in my brain at the same time. I’ve stated numerous times before, I have creative ADD. It’s just in the blood. It’s running rampant right now. I’m still working on the magazine submission and I’ve been painting props this afternoon and will again tonight once Natalie is in bed.

I’m also going to be starting my niche project ahead of schedule. I couldn’t help myself since I’ve found the perfect box! I’ll be doing a niche post tomorrow or Tuesday with an update. I picked it up at Mary Maxim in Paris yesterday. It is pretty perfect scale wise for my Pullip. Her head barely touches the top which I’m okay with.

In the meantime, Dorothy is still bubbling in my brain and is ready to be started. I picked up my yellow beads for the yellow brick road. It’s ready to be started once the magazine submission project is done. I don’t think I’ll be finishing the Pullip Niche soon because I’m pacing myself with my spending. I need to wait for next month to make the miniature furniture order and yet a bit more afterwards to make my Rement order from eBay.

Of course while all of this is happening, I have the novel rewrite in the back of my mind. I’m just bubbling away with ideas I jot down here and there. I need to do comprehensive character sketches, plot outline, etc. before I even begin to start the writing process.

— Rosey

Fairy Tale Yarn Wreath

June 13th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Fairy Tale Yarn Wreath

Fairy Tale Yarn Wreath Detail

The theme for my daughter’s room is fairy tales. This is a yarn wreath I’ve made for her. It has an apple, a glass slipper, and a magic mirror. Project is done and will be hanging in Natalie’s room once Robert puts the special hook up.

Back to embroidery and experiments tonight!

— Rosey


March 2nd, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

My OCB kicked in and I redid Jorja’s lettering. I will post the updated version tomorrow. Today, I want to write about the plans I have for Natalie’s room. It’s a shortlist of DIYs. My sister suggested I use the Disney Princesses to decorate but I really wanted something more unique and personal for my daughter. The theme for her room is fairytales. Right now, her bedroom is painted lavender with white moulding. Her crib and her incoming dresser will be chocolate. I have a friend who is giving me a toy chest for her room as well as a rocking horse. I think the missing items left are a bookcase, a rug, and possibly more storage.

This is the shortlist of DIYs:

  1. Custom baby clip holder wreath based on Snow White
  2. Her name in wooden letters – each painted with a pattern
  3. A mobile made of various magical fairytale objects
  4. My friend Ashley is giving me a glass slipper. I will either make a pillow for it or buy one.
  5. A slew of special baby clips

I will start on this list once I’m done all my gift projects. I hope to post some tutorials eventually. The thought of tutorials right now are really hard to swallow because I don’t think I’m ready yet for what’s involved in preparing/writing one. I’m back to working on Leah’s hoop tonight.

— Rosey

A Possible DIY project?

February 16th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

I have organizational woes as well as being sick with sinus problems. I bought a nicely priced rolling storage with three drawers to store my felt. The problem is that the drawers are too deep. I need to sort the felt in each drawer via paper trays. I went to the local dollar store and was hoping to pick some up but there weren’t any. I will probably end up making diy trays. I also plan to customize the storage unit itself. I really adore customizing things.

As for the embroidery, it is still slow going. I will post updates sporadically since it’s so slow going. I hope to work on it tonight. The last two nights, the husband and I were spending quality time playing Little Big Planet 2. Embroidery is scheduled for this evening!

— Rosey

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