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Formal Artist Biography

Roselle Kaes is a prize-winning multimedia artist from Waterford, Ontario. Since January 2011, she has been engaged mainly with beading embroidery. She also does illustrations using watercolours and artist pencils.

She is an avid blogger and is working on a novel.


Informal Artist Biography

After surviving the murderous Marcos regime of the Philippines, Roselle and her family rowed on a thatched raft fighting off angry sharks from the Philippines to the docks of Queen’s Quay in Toronto. She claimed refugee status and quickly learned English as her second language by watching the World Wrestling Federation. She graduated York University with a double major in Cultivating Rice Paddies and Creation of Chow Mein Noodles.

She became an artist despite the protest of her mathematically-inclined parents. In 2005, she has moved to Waterford to add cultural diversity to the area.

Her hobbies include collecting chopsticks, driving erratically, hoarding thousands of shoes, and cooking a whole roast pig.


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