Coraline Doll Supplies

January 27th, 2012 § 0 comments

Coraline Doll Supplies

Today at Lens Mill Store in Port Dover, I picked up everything I need to make the Coraline doll:

– Buttons! – Ok, so I found the yellow ones but I did take two sets of the black to see which would look better as eyes.

– Burlap-like Fabric – Real burlap was really rough and the weave isn’t as tight. I got something that looks like burlap but the weave is much tighter and it catches the light better.

– Black Rain Gear – This is for the skirt of the doll. I opted for this fabric because it’s heavier and it’s shiny. I can make a fuller skirt with it.

– Coral Cotton – I believe it’s cotton and it has this subtle shimmer to it- the way it catches the light. This will serve as the shirt for the doll.

– Blue & Black Yarn – This is for Coraline’s hair.

– Yellow Burlap – This is for the raincoat. I tried finding something else that looked like the type of fabric they used in the movie but I couldn’t find anything comparable. I went with this because it was a nice colour and I liked the weight of it.

The total damage for the supplies (including 3 sheets of black felt not pictured) was $33.08. I’ll be starting the clip tonight. I am going to do beading embroidery to get the dragonfly clip done. I’ve also done a foil base form for the Seeing Stone. I should have progress pics by Monday.

What are you planning this weekend?


— Rosey

NB. I am prepping Princess & the Pea’s hoop this weekend. I’ll be working on it while I work on this. 🙂

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