Coraline Cosplay for Anime North

January 26th, 2012 § 1 comment


Natalie’s favourite movie is Coraline. Robert and I only go to one con a year and it’s Anime North. I thought it would be fitting that I finally took the plunge and go in cosplay. I chose Natalie’s favourite character Coraline.

I will be going as the star-sweatered Coraline. I will need to find a sparkly navy blue mock turtleneck/turtleneck sweater which I will hand applique stars on. I’ll also need black jeans and blue boots. I figure I can find blue boots or paint any comfy pair of boots at Goodwill/Sally Ann. I’ll need to make the dragonfly hair pin as well as a 12″ Coraline doll. I can’t wait to get started on the replica doll. I’m buying the supplies on Friday. Of course, everything will be documented well in this blog. I want to make this cosplay good enough so I can email a picture to Neil Gaiman and Henry Selick. Actually, I need to impress my toughest critic first and that would be Natalie.

I hope to get this all done by March. After March, I’ll have two months to work on the Doll North competition as well as stock for my Doll North marketplace table.

The best part is getting my hair dyed and cut like Coraline’s. I’m excited about having blue hair.

Have you ever cosplayed? (Hahah. Carla, you know I’m not referring to you because you are a pro.)


— Rosey


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  • Carla says:

    Eeee You’re gonna be such a pretty Coraline! I can’t wait to see the finished product ; w; I’m rooting for you, if you need any tips, feel free to flail at me.
    “Carla, you know I’m not referring to you because you are a pro” Just made annoying high pitched noises that only dogs can here, nbd. Thank you, Rosey! I’m far from pro, but I’m blushing over here <3

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