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Custom Bead Mix for Dorothy


After Dorothy has finished, I now have a bit of a downtime. I always get antsy during this time. I like having projects already started. It takes me a while to start a project but once in it, I’m booking it. I haven’t prepped the canvas or the hoop yet for my next projects. I should. I’m thinking of doing it tonight. The canvas always takes longer than just prepping a hoop. What is involved in prepping? I bust out the iron and ironing board and iron the fabric of choice. If it’s a canvas then I’ll have to manually stretch the fabric and tack it in place.

I’m mentally ready to start the next projects but this time something is stopping me. I’m not really sure what it is. I have such a long wishlist of projects I want done in addition to the embroidery that I find myself at a loss on what to choose.

How do you react to downtime between projects?

— Rosey

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