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Happy Thanksgiving!

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Swedish Gravlax (Cured Salmon)

First of all, happy Thanksgiving everyone! I made a huge meal for me, Natalie, and Robert. There is too much leftovers. I made Gravlax (pic above). I have most of a roasted duck which I did a simple sea salt and pepper rub. There’s also a ton of stuffing still left and pumpkin pie.

What I’m thankful for:

  • my family
  • my friends
  • Natalie – my sweet little sunshine
  • Robert – my safe place, my number one fan, my all
  • Chichi – my bitchy pretty kitty
  • my art – I’m thankful for having discovered beading embroidery this year and all the creative mojo and drive for all my projects
  • my writing – I have chapter one done and I need to get the rest down on paper before the hard work starts
  • my health – I’m still alive!

— Rosey


The Norfolk County Fair 2011

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This is the first year Natalie can go on rides! The weather was just stunning. It was a great day spent with family and yummy fair fare. Here are some sights and sounds of the Norfolk County Fair!

Norfolk County Fair 2011

Natalie and the Chicks

Natalie & I on the Carousel


Bubba's Butterfly Chips with Gravy

Deep Fried Butter

It’s also the first year I entered something on the General Competition side of the Fair. I was really surprised to get three 1st places and one 2nd place.

1st Place!

1st Place!

1st Place!

2nd Place!

I’m looking forward to next year! I think there will only be room to enter three pieces with the categories provided. I entered Little Red into the wrong category so it didn’t place. I also entered my fairy tale wreath and it also didn’t place. It was exciting and I’m proud of the wonderful outcome!

— Rosey

Silencing the Inner Critic and Facing Other Demons

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Little Red

Last weekend, I had a humiliating art-related experience. Last night, I had a vivid dream about it. I think it is a fantasy of most people to be able to confront someone who humiliated/bullied them in the past. Last night, I confront my most recent bully. I said everything I needed to say. The bully in my head stayed quiet while I said my piece. She never reacted. I ended up walking away feeling the same if not worse than when I started. The bully doesn’t care about me or what I’ve said. The best way to handle any situation is just to live and forget about these hurtful people. Even if someday a person would achieve great success, going back to that person who bullied you and bragging about it doesn’t change anything. Remember, this person doesn’t care about you- you don’t exist.  Seeking validation from a bully is a losing/pointless goal.

As for my inner demon/ self-critic, the only way to silence them is to continue pushing through your art or writing, etc. Your inner critic thrives on your failures. She expects failures and unfinished projects. She intimidates you even before you begin a project. She loves to self-sabotage. You lose if you give up. You lose if you never start that project because the idea isn’t good enough. Critics and demons live on inaction and stagnation. If you push through and just do what you want to do without expectations of the work itself– to create just for the joy of creating, you become the antithesis of what your inner critic/demon represents.

This isn’t the usual peppy/art post. I apologize. I posted this because it’s relevant to me and I hope it may be relevant to you.

— Rosey

Getting back into Illustration/Painting

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Lady and the Unicorn

I was illustrating/painting full time back when I just got married from 2005-2007. I was selling work on eBay and did well then I just stopped. I also joined the local art group and thought I was well on my way to being an artist. I stalled. I didn’t just stall. I just stopped drawing. I found other hobbies which filled the need to do something creatively. I got into hand sewing but creatively overall, I felt stagnated. My lowest point came when during Natalie’s nine months of colic. Having a baby with colic was sheer hell. You felt like an inadequate parent and worse, you feel you have failed to comfort your child. I was just as miserable as Natalie. When she finally stopped and got better, I found myself still quite angry and resentful.

The only curing balm to my soul was returning to art. I began doing embroidery and found I loved the results and the process. I am now yearning to return to my illustration/painting roots- my first love. I have plans to make a mini art order of a wooden canvas, copics, inks, and varnish after I’m finished the projects I’m supposed to be doing. I want to have paintings hanging again in the house and this time, I want to do art on my own terms again. I’m whipping out the sketchbook today and doing some preliminary studies/sketches for my first painting. Knowing me, it’ll be a fairytale. 😉


— Rosey


What’s On Tap

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What's On Tap


I think I’ll be doing this column weekly. It helps me keep track of  everything going on. I always need a ton of projects on the go.


Here’s the list of what I’m working on now:

1) Dorothy – It’s definitely underway

2) A Baby Mobile for Fishie – getting materials this weekend, needs to be done before Oct 22nd, and will be blogging about it


Down the Road:

1) Custom Blythe/Pullip Carrier

2) Hansel and Gretel

3) An illustration/painting


— Rosey

Getting Serious About Art

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Serious squirrel is serious

I have been embroidering since January and I’ve fallen deep in love with it. I find myself making the best art of my life. I’m also getting ideas of combining illustrative/painting work with embroidery on canvas which I want to do in the near future. I now find myself at a fork in the road. Do I continue to pursue what I’m doing as a hobby and be content with entering the fair every year or do I get serious about it? Is there really a difference?

The former involves just producing work, entering once a year, and being content with just having work hanging in the house.

Getting serious? What? Me? How do I do this? Getting serious as an artist involves revamping this site and equipping it with a gallery, bio, resume, etc. I’ll need to start selling artwork on Etsy. I’ll need to get into galleries to at least build up my resume and get experience.

What is the fundamental difference between the two?

Doing this as a hobby is safer. I work on a relaxed timeline and I just have one event a year. Nothing is graded except at the County Fair.

Doing this seriously is scary. I have to put myself out there. I know I will be rejected and it will take a long time to get my work shown. Everything I will make will be scrutinized. I’ll have to put in more work. The pressure will be there- tons of it.

The only common thread between the two is the fact I have to continuously produce work.

What’s the decision?

I know I’m an artist. I know the work I’m doing now is the best I’ve ever made. I think I am ready to be serious about being an artist and everything it implies. I’ll need to get more works under my belt. I want to be ready to look for galleries by March/April of next year. I hope to have at least three or more awesome pieces under my belt. Ahh….! My long list of to-dos have begun.

— Rosey


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