When did “craft” become such a dirty word?

October 11th, 2011 § 2 comments

Puffy Chichi!

Artsy people are an enigma. I tried writing in so many ways that wouldn’t come off as patronizing or derogatory. The sentence is as tame and succinct as I can muster.

My beading embroidery is considered by some artsy people as craft. Personally, I find it okay being deemed so. I have seen how talented and wonderful crafters are. If I happen to fall into this group, I’m comfortable with it. However, the way the word “craft” is used by fine arts people often carries a derogatory and disparaging tone. When did this change? Aren’t Arts and Crafts a timeless wedded couple? Why do they not get along? Why is Art constantly belittling its spouse, Craft? How long has this domestic abuse issue been happening? Has the hierarchy always been there?

Ever since I’ve started embroidering early this year, I never even considered how I would be categorized. Everything is categorized. People are comfortable if they know what box to put you or your work in.  Art is the stricter box while Crafts is more open. Am I an artist? Am I a crafter? Can my beading embroidery ever be considered art?

Personally, I hate being categorized. I’d rather define my own category. I like being an artist and a crafter. I want access to both worlds. Why is this so wrong?

— Rosey


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