Getting back into Illustration/Painting

October 5th, 2011 § 0 comments

Lady and the Unicorn

I was illustrating/painting full time back when I just got married from 2005-2007. I was selling work on eBay and did well then I just stopped. I also joined the local art group and thought I was well on my way to being an artist. I stalled. I didn’t just stall. I just stopped drawing. I found other hobbies which filled the need to do something creatively. I got into hand sewing but creatively overall, I felt stagnated. My lowest point came when during Natalie’s nine months of colic. Having a baby with colic was sheer hell. You felt like an inadequate parent and worse, you feel you have failed to comfort your child. I was just as miserable as Natalie. When she finally stopped and got better, I found myself still quite angry and resentful.

The only curing balm to my soul was returning to art. I began doing embroidery and found I loved the results and the process. I am now yearning to return to my illustration/painting roots- my first love. I have plans to make a mini art order of a wooden canvas, copics, inks, and varnish after I’m finished the projects I’m supposed to be doing. I want to have paintings hanging again in the house and this time, I want to do art on my own terms again. I’m whipping out the sketchbook today and doing some preliminary studies/sketches for my first painting. Knowing me, it’ll be a fairytale. 😉


— Rosey


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