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Plushies Plan

October 28th, 2011 § 3 comments § permalink

Aranzi Aronzo's The Cuter Book

I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to make plushies that are to scale with BJDs and other dolls. I picked up a book and this is definitely giving me ideas about what I need to do. I’ll be spending quite a bit of time developing the pattern I need. I can’t wait. It should be a fun project! FinishingFishie’s baby mobile gave me a bit more confidence about making my own plushies. I have a very cohesive and strong vision of exactly what I want. I can’t wait to post the pictures of the prototypes.

In the meantime, I am still struggling with health issues. It means more trips to the doctor and possibly consultations with a surgeon. I really wish I was healthy.


— Rosey

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

October 26th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

Dorothy WIP #4

I’ve been dealing with epic migraines and various health issues recently. I haven’t been able to do anything creatively in a while. Today was the first time I had an afternoon to myself to get a post done. Normally at this time, I’ve been curling in fetal position drowning in pain. Every time it rains, my head breaks open to allow a monster screwdriver to stab into my brain. That’s how my pain feels like.

I’ve had a chance to work on Dorothy for a bit and I hope to get this piece done before Nanowrimo. I also want to get mini projects done during Nanowrimo for breaks.

So many ideas and so little time! I hope the rain lets up.

— Rosey

Fishie’s Baby Mobile

October 22nd, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

Fishie's Baby Mobile

It’s done and the shower is today! Thank you to the husband for helping me anchor those pesky fishing lines. I hope Fishie likes it.

— Rosey


October 21st, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Lychee in Winter

November is coming! I am gearing up for a serious Nanowrimo this time around. I want to get this novel rolling. I’m at chapter two. This means I’ll be putting everything else on hold. I’ll be writing full-time for a month. I’ll be itching to embroider and art in December.

— Rosey

Planning for Doll North 2012

October 20th, 2011 § 3 comments § permalink



Warning! This is a doll-related post. Flee for your life if you’re not interested. ūüėČ Regular scheduled posts will resume tomorrow.

Anime North is a wonderful convention in May and there is a mini-con called Doll North within in. I’m preparing to have a table and stuff for sale next year. ¬†I was thinking about a bedtime/slumber theme with pajamas and nighties but I’m now leaning towards making play clothes in colourful prints. I haven’t quite decided or finalized the theme of the clothing sets yet. I have decided to make puff quilts and custom stuffed toys. Decisions, decisions! I’ll need to start in December to get a leg up.

— Rosey

What’s On Tap

October 17th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

What's on Tap?

It’s that time of the week again!

  • Bird-Mobile for a friend’s baby shower (I need to make four more birds, dry brush the hoops white, and put it all together)
  • Dorothy (on hold temporarily until my bird mobile project is done)
  • Novel ( got Chapter One done and a sweet friend has helped edit it- Chapter Two is underway)
  • Blythe Carrier – (planning out the design for now- I’m leaning towards circus-y fonts for “sushi candy”)
I hope your week is productive!
— Rosey

Little Mermaid is on Etsy!

October 13th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Little Mermaid

Little Mermaid is now available for sale on Etsy! ¬†I’ve officially started testing the waters!

The listing is here.


— Rosey

Fishie’s Baby Mobile

October 12th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

Fat Quarters for Fishie's Baby Mobile

My dear friend Fishie is having a seamonkey (baby)! I wanted to make her a baby mobile from the colours she has picked out in her nursery design board. I chose this tutorial to follow but I’ll be modifying the birds and their pattern to suit my taste. I’ll be starting tonight. I want to modify the pattern a bit and I’ll be embellishing. I have the two hoops needed: one 10″ and one 12.” I still need to pick up the clear fishing line. I can’t wait to get it started! Fishie’s baby shower is on Oct 22nd. I have a little under a week and a half to get this done.

— Rosey

When did “craft” become such a dirty word?

October 11th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

Puffy Chichi!

Artsy people are an enigma. I tried writing in so many ways that wouldn’t come off as patronizing or derogatory. The sentence is as tame and succinct as I can muster.

My beading embroidery is considered by some artsy people as craft. Personally, I find it okay being deemed so. I have seen how talented and wonderful crafters are. If I happen to fall into this group, I’m comfortable with it. However, the way the word “craft” is used by fine arts people often carries a derogatory and disparaging tone. When did this change? Aren’t Arts and Crafts a timeless wedded couple? Why do they not get along? Why is Art constantly belittling its spouse, Craft? How long has this domestic abuse issue been happening? Has the hierarchy always been there?

Ever since I’ve started embroidering early this year, I never even considered how I would be categorized. Everything is categorized. People are comfortable if they know what box to put you or your work in. ¬†Art is the stricter box while Crafts is more open.¬†Am I an artist? Am I a crafter? Can my beading embroidery ever be considered art?

Personally, I hate being categorized. I’d rather define my own category. I like being an artist and a crafter. I want access to both worlds. Why is this so wrong?

— Rosey


Projects, Projects!

October 11th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Crescent Rolls with Brie filling

Yesterday before I cooked the Thanksgiving dinner yesterday, we went to Len’s Mill Store. I picked up supplies for my friend’s baby mobile which I will post about tomorrow when I start on it. I bought a pretty fat quarters package to use and two wooden embroidery hoops (one 10″ and one 12″). ¬†I have two weeks to get it done. Wish me luck! I’ll start blogging about this tomorrow.

I also bought 3 more additional 12″ hoops for me and one 14″ hoop. I’ve decided to limit the circular projects to five (12″) and one 14.” The rest will be in canvas. To give you a sense of scale, Little Red is a 12″ piece.

This is what I’m hoping to accomplish with the hoops/canvases in late 2011 into 2012:

a) ¬†Dorothy – 12″ (underway)

b) ¬†Snow White – 12″

c) ¬†Sleeping Beauty – 12″

d) ¬†Midsummer Night’s Dream – 12″

e) Snow Queen – 12″

f) Twelve Dancing Princesses – 14″

g) Hansel and Gretel – Wood Canvas

h) Alice’s Tea Party – Wood Canvas

i) The Magical Fish – Wood Canvas

j) Three Ravens – Wood Canvas

I have Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and the Three Raven’s ¬†concept/composition worked out in my head. It’s all a matter of how much time I will have to get these accomplished. There will be mini projects I want to sell on Etsy in between. I also want to schedule in writing as well as doll-related projects.

I am also hoping to have pieces for sale in my Etsy shop soon. Little Mermaid will be the first for sale. She’ll be a bit pricey since her framing will be included. I also will do smaller projects in between that will just be sold in a hoop. These large projects are meant to be entered into the Fair next year and also help me build enough of a portfolio to get into a gallery or do my own solo exhibition.

— Rosey

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