Five Year Plan

September 15th, 2011 § 0 comments



As I’ve stated in my previous About Me post, dreams will never die. To reach your dreams, you need goals. For the year 2011, I’ve been really good about following through on projects and plans. I have finished everything I have set out to do art-wise.

In five years…

  1. Writing – Have a polished manuscript that has been read by beta-readers and submitted to publishers.
  2. Beading Embroidery – Had my first exhibition/gallery show. I will find two other artists that complement my work and organize a show held at a local town hall. I would have entered more county fairs to gain local exposure. Hopefully by this time, I have garnered some exposure on the web as well. I also should have tested the waters on Etsy for sale of smaller works.
  3. Dolls – Have a few magazine submissions under my belt, started customizing my own Blythes, made a few dioramas, also own a fantasy mermaid Blythe done by one of my favourite Blythe customizers
  4. Traditional Art – The basement would be done. My studio is complete. I would have some paintings done.

I think I’ve set realistic creative-driven goals. It will keep me motivated so I can achieve my dreams.

— Rosey

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