Upcoming Blythe/Pullip Carrier Custom Project

September 14th, 2011 § 0 comments

Avocado Hatbox Purse from Etsy

I got this from etsy.com yesterday. Yes, I re-iterate – Etsy is a dangerous site. I will be customizing this soon when I am done two projects I have on my plate at the moment. I am planning on beaded felt-appliques to glue onto the carrier as well as other personal designs. I also hope to make a custom fabric interior along with a cushion inside if it’s needed. I want the inside to match the outside aesthetically.

I’ll be working on this alongside Dorothy. Right now, I am almost done a labour of love for a friend’s baby shower and the Last Unicorn Project for a magazine submission. There will be pictures of both probably at the end of October depending on the magazine’s deadline and the baby shower is at the end of October. I still want to keep it a surprise for my friend.

The diorama project is shelved indefinitely. My studio has to be finished so I have the space/room and also my incredible printer out. I can print out custom wallpaper for my dioramas, along with other cool stuff. I think I’ll have to wait on it for a while and just continue to make clothes in the meantime.

— Rosey

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