Finding that special treasure…

September 9th, 2011 § 0 comments

Favorite Tales from Grimm

As a child, I loved going to the library. Sometimes, I find myself taking out a special book regularly just because I loved it so much. Because books were rare growing up, I borrowed at least 10 books from each trip. One particular book set me on a path towards fantasy art. The illustrations in this book were magical and just sparked such a creative fire within me. Two days ago, I went looking for the book which I am certain would be out of print. I had no idea where to begin. I just remembered the book containing Grimm’s fairytales. My husband suggested I somehow contact the Toronto Public Library and see if they have a record of every book I’ve taken out. It was a viable option and I pulled up the library’s website. I found they had an online catalogue and typed in “grimm.” 1700 search results later and multiple tabs open with Google search for images, I found the book!

Favourite Tales from Grimm illustrated by Mercer Mayer

I found a decent copy in the Chapters/Indigo marketplace. It should arrive in a month. I can’t wait. This is a book I will always treasure and its sentimental value to me is priceless.

— Rosey






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