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Insanity vs. Genius

September 30th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Little Red Detail Example

There is quite a fine line between insanity and genius. I stride it on a daily basis. Just because someone can spend their whole life creating sand from rocks, doesn’t mean it should be done. Unless you are happy smashing rocks against other rocks continually and repeatedly ad infinitum?

I thought I was insane when I spent over 1000 seedbeads on the wolf’s teeth in Little Red. Did it pay off? I think it did. It gives the piece more character and depth. I often find myself asking whether I should bead something because I can. It’s all about taste and editing. Does it add more to the piece as a whole? Will it make a difference? The worst possible outcome is you or someone else looking at what you’ve done and saying “That was just totally unnecessary.”

I’m repeating the same procedure in Dorothy/Wizard of Oz. I know the beading adds a level of dimension and texture to the bricks. It’s insane but I do believe it’s worth it to achieve the look I am aiming for.

Dorothy Beading Detail

In the end, the fine line is all about perspective. Do you want to fall into the majority category or minority? With producing work, I tend to lean towards the majority. My britches aren’t big enough to do the minority thing most of the time. I like producing work most people can understand and appreciate.

Now I ask you, how long do you think it will take me to finish the Yellow Brick Road with Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road on continuous repeat? 🙂


— Rosey


Dorothy WIP #2

September 27th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

Dorothy WIP #2

All the gang are here! The applique process is done and it’s time for my favourite part- beading and embroidery detailing! I’ve been doing really well progress wise with this piece.  The Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow are in dancing poses. It’s a play on the words “Ding Dong!” which I will be embroidering/beading somewhere on the piece.

I’m also still writing on the side. I write all day in snippets and I’ve started a plot chart. I’m onto plotting chapter 7. I hope I can post some sample characters or even excerpts in this blog when I finish. I can’t believe the amount of work I’m getting done despite wrestling with migraines on a daily basis and running after a 1.5 year old.

I hope your day is as productive as mine!

— Rosey

Weekend Update

September 26th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

Panic! Men


I baked a batch of almond shortbread Panic! Men over the weekend. I still have a bit leftover after relatives came for a visit. I think I may make buttercream filling for these to make teeny sandwiches.

On Saturday, I entered all my work at the County Fair Office. Fingers crossed!  I’ve gotten a ton of writing done and am now plowing through my chapter summaries. I’m really excited about my novel and there is no sign of writer’s block/constipation at all. I also got some embroidery done. Tin Man is done and I hope to get the Scarecrow done tonight with the Cowardly Lion soon after. I’m also starting a new book after finishing Jim C Hines’ Princess Series. It is Graceling by Kristin Cashore. I love being busy and getting a ton of work done despite the weather-induced migraines I’ve been crippled with all year.

A proper embroidery update will be done tomorrow. The Dorothy/Wizard of Oz piece is coming along really well.

— Rosey

I’ve Been Framed!

September 24th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Rococo Cinderella

Little Mermaid


Swan Girl

Little Red

I got my pieces back from my framer Agnes at Delhi Photo & Frame. They look stunning! I’m really pleased. Each piece cost about $40 to frame. In the future, I will only frame the larger pieces. I’ll be selling the smaller ones. I’m off to the County Fair office this afternoon to fill in my entry forms. I’m just really pleased at how they turned out.

On the writing front, I think I’m really onto something. I’ve changed my concept completely. Ideas are pouring in. Characters are being fleshed out. I am setting the deadline for world building/character sketches for Oct 30. I want everything to be done so I can start writing my novel for Nanowrimo.

— Rosey


Dorothy WIP #1

September 23rd, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Dorothy WIP #1

Back to my bread and butter! Whoo hoo! After this, I am determined to do a rectangular piece of Hansel and Gretel. It feels good to be back to what I love doing. Beading and the details are what brings me the most joy though but this is danged close enough. I will start on the Cowardly Lion, Tin Man, and Scarecrow tonight. I hope to also add a flying monkey in the top left corner.

What are you working on?

— Rosey


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Perfectionism can be both an asset and a liability. First, the good! Perfectionism incurs a high standard of work to achieve for and encourages one to get better technically and to create better work. I find myself getting better when I push and push for that greater result. I’m constantly trying to see what I can do with beads and embroider and how I can push the medium further.

Now, the bad! Perfectionism can get you stalled starting a project. There will be this irrational need to have all the supplies on hand to do a project and to have an ideal environment and state of mind before starting. I find this crops up especially when I try to write. I get caught up in world building and having the proper character sketches before I even want to commit a word on a page. I know many writers have spent years just world building and not producing a single page. It’s dangerous. Fortunately, I don’t have this mentality when I embroider or draw. For me, this problem is exclusive to writing. When I draw and embroider, I’m like a locomotive building up steam. It just gets done unless I lose motivation. That is another issue all together.

The second big bad- Perfectionism can get you stuck in a never-ending project. The project will never get done because it needs this one last thing or it just constantly doesn’t look right. There were times in the past I looked at a piece and I just can’t finish it. This is rare for me though because I don’t have open/unfinished projects lying around the house anymore. The only unfinished/stalled thing in the house is my novel. I have many issues with my writing that I have to deal with. I feel I don’t have the writing ability/style/skills to commit my ideas on paper. This same feeling prevents me from starting in the first place. In contrast, my artistic pursuits just magically get done unless I run out of steam.

Creativity is a marvelous beast with Perfectionism as the harness. You’re in control.


— Rosey


Miniatures Finds

September 20th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

Miniature Finds

There’s a store in downtown Waterford called Tradewinds. The store is beautiful and always interesting to visit. The store owner has such a wide range of stuff that I often find jewels here and there to take home. After my dentist appointment when I found myself alone (which is a rare, rare occasion), I decided to pop in. Lo and behold, I have found goodies. Everything came up to $20.56 including tax.

The Breakdown:

Hutch – $8.99

Mandolin – $5.99

Treasure Chest – $1.99

Birds – $1.99

All in all, a great deal! I’ll be painting the hutch shabby chic white. I haven’t decided quite yet. The mandolin and the treasure chest are going in Chanterelle’s bedroom or living room. The birds are for my last Unicorn Project.

I aim to finish a magical cottage diorama (bedroom, living room, kitchen) for my Pullip- Chanterelle. I want to design a Parisienne apartment for my Blythes (bedroom, living room, kitchen, and possibly balcony/terrace). This will all be done in the future sometime.

I’ll definitely visit Tradewinds again in a few months. Tradewinds is located in downtown Waterford right on Main St.

— Rosey

Last Weekend

September 19th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

My husband and I

I was at my best friend’s wedding and had the honour to be her matron of honour. It was a stunning wedding. I am now recovering from the excitement. I also have the task of getting my little 17 month old back into routine from having spent the weekend with her grandparents in Toronto.

I hope to have a miniatures finds post for tomorrow!

— Rosey

Five Year Plan

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As I’ve stated in my previous About Me post, dreams will never die. To reach your dreams, you need goals. For the year 2011, I’ve been really good about following through on projects and plans. I have finished everything I have set out to do art-wise.

In five years…

  1. Writing – Have a polished manuscript that has been read by beta-readers and submitted to publishers.
  2. Beading Embroidery – Had my first exhibition/gallery show. I will find two other artists that complement my work and organize a show held at a local town hall. I would have entered more county fairs to gain local exposure. Hopefully by this time, I have garnered some exposure on the web as well. I also should have tested the waters on Etsy for sale of smaller works.
  3. Dolls – Have a few magazine submissions under my belt, started customizing my own Blythes, made a few dioramas, also own a fantasy mermaid Blythe done by one of my favourite Blythe customizers
  4. Traditional Art – The basement would be done. My studio is complete. I would have some paintings done.

I think I’ve set realistic creative-driven goals. It will keep me motivated so I can achieve my dreams.

— Rosey

Upcoming Blythe/Pullip Carrier Custom Project

September 14th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Avocado Hatbox Purse from Etsy

I got this from yesterday. Yes, I re-iterate – Etsy is a dangerous site. I will be customizing this soon when I am done two projects I have on my plate at the moment. I am planning on beaded felt-appliques to glue onto the carrier as well as other personal designs. I also hope to make a custom fabric interior along with a cushion inside if it’s needed. I want the inside to match the outside aesthetically.

I’ll be working on this alongside Dorothy. Right now, I am almost done a labour of love for a friend’s baby shower and the Last Unicorn Project for a magazine submission. There will be pictures of both probably at the end of October depending on the magazine’s deadline and the baby shower is at the end of October. I still want to keep it a surprise for my friend.

The diorama project is shelved indefinitely. My studio has to be finished so I have the space/room and also my incredible printer out. I can print out custom wallpaper for my dioramas, along with other cool stuff. I think I’ll have to wait on it for a while and just continue to make clothes in the meantime.

— Rosey

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