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August 19th, 2011 § 0 comments

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I’ve never had any problems coming up with ideas and being truly inspired. My problem always lay in the execution. Having English as a second language put me in a strange position. I had issues with grammar classes early and to this day, I still rely on someone to edit my work- especially if it’s an essay. My tenses suck. Why? There are no tenses in the Chinese/Tagalog language which I grew up with. I know I need to get better.

I have extensive notes on an encompassing series. I’ve built a world and characters within it. I haven’t really written anything that is good enough in my eyes. I want to give this world I created justice. I don’t think I’m even close to where I want to be writing wise. I am not really happy with my writing style yet. The only way to remedy this is to keep practicing and to get better. I believe it is also important to read. I need to read to continue to improve my taste. In time, with a ton of practice, my taste will match my skills. In embroidery/art, I feel I’m where I want to be. In writing, I know I’m lacking.

I’ve devised a personal writing exercise regime. I will be starting soon. I’m hoping some of what I produce will eventually be used in the manuscripts I’ll write about Nelve. The exercise consists of using an image as inspiration and writing a scene about it which takes place in Nelve. I hope in a few years I finally be ready to write the Nelve Chronicles on my own terms.

— Rosey

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