Swan Girl WIP #1

August 7th, 2011 § 0 comments

Swan Girl WIP# 1

This is Swan Girl ¬†which is based of Odette from Swan Lake. I have the swan beak mask on her face. I have yet to sew in the strings that hold it in place. I’ll be adding a crown to her hair as well as braids. There will be beading all throughout the bodice of her ballerina dress. I will also have swan feathers gracefully floating around her. I just need to figure out where I’ll add the words “Swan Girl” into the piece. I like how it’ll look whimsical yet quirky design-wise. I prefer these mini portraits to be more like psychological profiles for these fairy tale characters.

After this, I will be working on another big piece in a hoop. I haven’t decided yet if Midsummer Night’s Titania and Bottom, The Wizard of Oz’s Dorothy asleep in the field of poppies, or Hansel and Gretel will be the subject. I thought I’d be doing the former but my brain keeps waffling over what I really want to do. Which subject do you prefer?

— Rosey


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