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A Trikky Project

May 31st, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

My Trikky Project

I picked up one of these at Anime North. I couldn’t help myself. Munnyworld characters include Trikky (a cat), Rooz (a Hippo), and the most recognizable Munny (a baldy figure). It is a customizable toy with a mystery accessory. Mine happens to be a top hat which is perfect for what I’m planning to paint on it. I’m treating my Trikky as a 3D canvas. Most people use these as a means to create the coolest characters they love from movies, anime, and video games. My plans for mine is to make a sideshow piece. The hat will be a perfect accessory to the kitty carnival barker. I’ll be using acrylic paints if what I have in mind doesn’t work out. :’D There will be a ton of trial and error on my part.



Custom Munny Gallery on Flickr

It’ll be good to get back into drawing/painting. I probably will do embroidery in between. I want to finish the Little Mermaid piece and perhaps have it for sale before I continue with my Rococo Cinderella piece. I still plan on making doll clothes but I think I need a wee break after Anime North.

— Rosey

Anime North and Doll North

May 30th, 2011 § 2 comments § permalink

This is what I spent a month slaving on- my Kiki’s Delivery Service cosplay.

I’ve made everything from scratch except for her shoes and her actual wig. The list of stuff I made was her dress, undershirt, bloomers, satchel, headbow, radio, broom, Gigi, birdcage, birdcage cover, and cat doll with note. It was really fun making this cosplay. It also made me realize I’d love to do one a year just for me if I can swing it.

This is the Photo Entry:

This is the end result:

I won 1st place in the Seamstress category, 1st in the Photo entry, and Best in Show!

Anime North was wonderful and extremely hectic. The baby had a wonderful time at her grandparents and this bodes well for next year. I’ll be booking our hotel room early yet again and getting tickets. Robert and I had a wonderful time just wandering in and around the panels/rooms, seeing cosplayers, and meeting up with friends we haven’t seen in months or a year.

I bought myself two Trikkys which I will post about soon. I plan on customizing them in the very near future after I finish up my Little Mermaid embroidery piece. I have to get back into routine again and after such a hectic weekend, it gets hard to get back it.

— Rosey

The Road to Happiness

May 11th, 2011 § 1 comment § permalink

I’ve been silent for weeks now because I am busting my butt working on a contest entry. I’ve also been thinking about what I’ve been doing that is causing so much negativity and unhappiness. To rectify the situation, I’m going to start my own road to happiness program. It consists of just six tenets:

  1. Do something creative and productive. Don’t worry about any kind of financial payoff in the end. Just do what I love- sewing, drawing, writing, and this is enough.
  2. Make realistic goals to strive for- ie. getting a novel written and finished within a reasonable timeline, preparing to enter pieces at the County Fair, etc.
  3. Read. Always have a book to read with me.
  4. Stay busy- switch it up and always have a project on the go.
  5. Blog about it.
  6. If something is making you unhappy, it’s not worth it. Ditch the friend, ditch the situation, ditch the task. Life is too short.

That’s it. Easy peasy, yes? I will blog again after Anime North at the end of May. I will have tons of pictures of what I’ve been up to as well as updated future projects. 🙂

— Rosey

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