Kiki’s Delivery Service Doll Cosplay for Doll North

April 22nd, 2011 § 0 comments

Kiki's Delivery Service

I will be attending Anime North in late May. I am also attending Doll North which is the bjd component of that convention. There is a contest for Doll North in the sewing/cosplay category for dolls with a Studio Ghibli Theme. I’ll be using Satine (my Unoa) as my model to recreate Kiki. I will be making this to complete the cosplay:

  1. Broom
  2. Satchel
  3. Kiki’s Headbow
  4. Kiki’s Dress
  5. Gigi

In addition to working on the cosplay, I’ll also be making/organizing the booth/table representing GTA Dolls (formerly TDAF). Yep. I just added a ton more work to my plate. I’ll be super busy until June. Nicole’s hoop is the first priority then Kiki and the booth setup. This means that my Mori Girl project for my doll Reve will be put on hold until after June.

Keeping this busy might be a great thing for me. I don’t have time anymore to waste on anxiety over whether I will hear back from my query letter submissions for my novel. Robert said the best perspective is just to forget about my submissions and concentrate on getting my novel onto the Kindle Store by July. I know having so much on my plate is a blessed distraction from my anxiety of whether I will or will not hear back from the publishers and agents I submitted to.

— Rosey

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