A Trip To Paris

April 17th, 2011 § 1 comment

Natalie and her stuffed doggy

Don’t get your hopes up. It’s a day trip to Paris, Ontario!  This will be a photo heavy blog post. The first pic is Natalie with her doggy in the car. She just adores that toy. She’s getting a bit better in car rides than she used to be. She used to scream/cry bloody murder the entire time. Now her vocal histrionics are 1/4 of the time in the car.

Chocolate Sensations Store in downtown Paris

This is the Chocolate Sensations store in downtown Paris. It is a chocolaterie and I managed to control myself well.

Chocolate Truffles

I picked up 7 chocolate truffles: Champagne, Coffee, Amaretto, Tiramisu, Chocolate, Vanilla Cream, and Cappuccino. The husband picked up an almond chocolate bar.  This store has an interesting plaque beside it. It has the landmark bronze plaque that commemorates Alexander Graham Bell’s first long distance phone call. Robert geeked out when he saw the corresponding IEEE plaque underneath. It was pretty cool. We wished we took a pic but the weather was pretty damned crummy. Mother Nature’s display of all four seasons in one day was spectacularly crappy. I swear every five minutes it was switching between rain, hail, snow, and sun.

Camp 31 - A Southern BBQ Grill

After our trip to Chocolate Sensations, we headed to Camp 31 a southern bbq place. We passed by this before and I wanted to drop by. The last BBQ restaurant I went to was Famous Dave’s in Virginia.

Inside Camp 31

I am going to get my BBQ cravings out! Natalie amused herself and us by eating a lemon slice. It was hilarious. She was sharing with me and I fed her everything off my plate. She’s a great eater and just loves to eat everything. Camp 31 has won awards for its ribs. My friend Jules mentioned they appear at Ribfest in Burlington. I can’t wait to try the food.

Onion Sticks with Zesty Sauce

This was just so yummy. I inhaled the whole thing. The zesty sauce was slightly spicy and tangy. It was absolutely delicious!

BBQ Ribs and BBQ Chicken with coleslaw and bbq beans

Requisite closeup!

The chicken was very tender and the sides great. I didn’t finish the whole thing. It was far too much food. I’m eating the ribs tonight for dinner. The house BBQ sauce is excellent. I poured a ton as a dip for the chicken.

Epic pita Clubhouse

Robert ordered this massive sandwich. It was such a great portion for the price. This is the first time Robert had a clubhouse that wasn’t measly. 😀

That’s the picture tour! The next post will be a craft post showing the goodies I picked up at Mary Maxim’s in Paris.

— Rosey



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