The Scent Enchantress

April 6th, 2011 § 1 comment

A cover I cooked up for The Scent Enchantress

For those of you who are curious about my novel, this post is for you! The Scent Enchantress is a contemporary fantasy romance. It is set in a fictional suburb of Toronto.

Bullied and tormented, librarian Esper Vaughn retreats into her
perfect world of steamy romance novels.  The arrival of a magical
inheritance forces her to take control of her destiny.  She is a
Scent Enchantresses and heir to a line long of magical women gifted
with incredibly enhanced sense of smell.

As Esper begins her initiation into the magic arts, a former
highschool crush and a familiar Prince Charming re-enter her life.
With her growing magical powers, she begins to see visions of her
death and the perils of magic.  Can she survive her first year as a
Scent Enchantress and defy the rule that love is forbidden?

I finished this novel a few months before I had Natalie. It’s been shelved since. Robert remembered its existence and tells me we should do something with it. I’ve submitted it to a few places and I’m hoping to hear back before the end of May. I’ve never really exhausted any avenues with this manuscript. I figured why not? We’re planning on self-publishing anyway if nothing pans out with the submissions.

When I was in highschool, I wrote every day. I must have finished about two or three novels. They were all romance novels. My friends were wonderful and eagerly awaited the 2-3 pages I brought every morning. I hope some of them are reading this blog. It’ll bring back memories and they will see that after 10 years, I’m still writing.

— Rosey

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