The Juggling Act

April 1st, 2011 § 1 comment

Coming up is my baby’s first birthday! The above pic is one of her favourite toys Mr. Bunny Bobo. It took me about 9- 10 months to start feeling like myself again. My baby had colic and every night was a battle to get to sleep for 9 months. When she began sleeping without stress, this was when I finally began to have time to myself again. I got into embroidery and returned to art/crafts. From personal experience, devoting oneself completely to one’s child is the road to martyrdom. Realistically, as a mother and person, I needed my own space and my own time. It’s only natural. I am enjoying a great balance now taking care of my baby and my own needs.

It’s a great feeling to know she’s safe and sound asleep and I have the rest of the night to creatively express myself.

— Rosey

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