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Nicole’s Hoop

April 27th, 2011 § 1 comment § permalink

Nicole's Hoop

This is for my friend Nicole. This is meant to hang on the door of her craft room. She is very talented and a wonderful friend I admire. I added beading details to her hoop and kept it simple to show the background fabric which she loves.


— Rosey

Kiki’s Delivery Service Doll Cosplay for Doll North

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Kiki's Delivery Service

I will be attending Anime North in late May. I am also attending Doll North which is the bjd component of that convention. There is a contest for Doll North in the sewing/cosplay category for dolls with a Studio Ghibli Theme. I’ll be using Satine (my Unoa) as my model to recreate Kiki. I will be making this to complete the cosplay:

  1. Broom
  2. Satchel
  3. Kiki’s Headbow
  4. Kiki’s Dress
  5. Gigi

In addition to working on the cosplay, I’ll also be making/organizing the booth/table representing GTA Dolls (formerly TDAF). Yep. I just added a ton more work to my plate. I’ll be super busy until June. Nicole’s hoop is the first priority then Kiki and the booth setup. This means that my Mori Girl project for my doll Reve will be put on hold until after June.

Keeping this busy might be a great thing for me. I don’t have time anymore to waste on anxiety over whether I will hear back from my query letter submissions for my novel. Robert said the best perspective is just to forget about my submissions and concentrate on getting my novel onto the Kindle Store by July. I know having so much on my plate is a blessed distraction from my anxiety of whether I will or will not hear back from the publishers and agents I submitted to.

— Rosey

Nicole’s Hoop WIP#1

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Nicole WIP#1

I’m making a hoop for Nicole to place in front of her door to her beautiful craft room. This is what I have done so far. It still needs “sewing room” stitched on as well as small embellishments. I hope to be done this project by the middle of next week. The satin stitching is taking forever but is so worth it.

— Rosey

Little Mermaid WIP#2

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Little Mermaid WIP #2

This is my little mermaid project. I don’t know when I’ll get back to her time wise. I’ll be starting Nicole’s hoop soon and then doing doll dressmaking afterwards. I do have high hopes to get this piece finished with beading for the water and on her mermaid tale.

— Rosey



Mori Girl Sewing Project

April 18th, 2011 § 1 comment § permalink

A Deer .. A Female Deer

Mori Girl (definition) – “mori girl” is a young woman who seems to be in a forest. “Mori” means forest in Japanese.

These are tumblr blogs that illustrate the fashion: Girls of the Forest, Mori Girl, ohyeahmorigirl.

So the deer is an appropriate pic yes? I have many hobbies and one of them is dolls. I love making my own dresses and outfits for my dolls. I packed all my dolls away months before I gave birth to Natalie. I’m planning to take them out soon. Thanks to the husband, I finished my doll collection and my last doll will be in soon. I want to dress her in the mori girl style. I’ll be sewing again! I love making my own patterns and accessories. I already have a pair of boots for her. The rest I will have to make.

To Do List:

  • Simple print dress/pinafore
  • Miniature Felt Flower Brooch
  • A long knit cardigan in neutral with lace accents
  • Felt or canvas flower headpiece
  • Deer Accessory – Either a Satchel Bag or a Stuffed Toy
  • Scrunchy Socks or Tights or both?

My friend Jules suggested tea-staining lace. I’ll be using this tea-staining lace DIY.

I’m really excited. The due date for this project is late May. 🙂

— Rosey


A Trip To Paris

April 17th, 2011 § 1 comment § permalink

Natalie and her stuffed doggy

Don’t get your hopes up. It’s a day trip to Paris, Ontario!  This will be a photo heavy blog post. The first pic is Natalie with her doggy in the car. She just adores that toy. She’s getting a bit better in car rides than she used to be. She used to scream/cry bloody murder the entire time. Now her vocal histrionics are 1/4 of the time in the car.

Chocolate Sensations Store in downtown Paris

This is the Chocolate Sensations store in downtown Paris. It is a chocolaterie and I managed to control myself well.

Chocolate Truffles

I picked up 7 chocolate truffles: Champagne, Coffee, Amaretto, Tiramisu, Chocolate, Vanilla Cream, and Cappuccino. The husband picked up an almond chocolate bar.  This store has an interesting plaque beside it. It has the landmark bronze plaque that commemorates Alexander Graham Bell’s first long distance phone call. Robert geeked out when he saw the corresponding IEEE plaque underneath. It was pretty cool. We wished we took a pic but the weather was pretty damned crummy. Mother Nature’s display of all four seasons in one day was spectacularly crappy. I swear every five minutes it was switching between rain, hail, snow, and sun.

Camp 31 - A Southern BBQ Grill

After our trip to Chocolate Sensations, we headed to Camp 31 a southern bbq place. We passed by this before and I wanted to drop by. The last BBQ restaurant I went to was Famous Dave’s in Virginia.

Inside Camp 31

I am going to get my BBQ cravings out! Natalie amused herself and us by eating a lemon slice. It was hilarious. She was sharing with me and I fed her everything off my plate. She’s a great eater and just loves to eat everything. Camp 31 has won awards for its ribs. My friend Jules mentioned they appear at Ribfest in Burlington. I can’t wait to try the food.

Onion Sticks with Zesty Sauce

This was just so yummy. I inhaled the whole thing. The zesty sauce was slightly spicy and tangy. It was absolutely delicious!

BBQ Ribs and BBQ Chicken with coleslaw and bbq beans

Requisite closeup!

The chicken was very tender and the sides great. I didn’t finish the whole thing. It was far too much food. I’m eating the ribs tonight for dinner. The house BBQ sauce is excellent. I poured a ton as a dip for the chicken.

Epic pita Clubhouse

Robert ordered this massive sandwich. It was such a great portion for the price. This is the first time Robert had a clubhouse that wasn’t measly. 😀

That’s the picture tour! The next post will be a craft post showing the goodies I picked up at Mary Maxim’s in Paris.

— Rosey



Eradicating Self-Doubt

April 15th, 2011 § 1 comment § permalink

An April flower from a few years ago...



Self-Doubt is a problem most people cope with, especially creative people (writers, artists, etc.). I suffer from self-doubt quite often and also have a tendency to self-sabotage. For the first time in my life, I have a feeling good things will happen to me this year. It’s a gut feeling and I can’t even rationalize it. I just feel like this will be my year. I’ve been doing well with the positive thinking since January but my bad habits are resurfacing. If there is a window or a chance of success, the two demons emerge from the shadows and embrace me. I become paralyzed and the tragic part is I welcome it. Failure is a familiar, warm, cozy mantle I wear on my shoulders after years of knowing this is who I am. Success and even the possibility of it is terrifying.

I am a person very adverse to change. To change who I am in my mind from failure to something else is unsettling. This identity of failure is deep-seeded in childhood. I spoke about this to my husband and he knows me too well. He claims I submitted to various places so I can delay having my book out in the Kindle store. He also suspects I may be just waiting for rejection so I can justify burying the novel again into obscurity.  He’s right. The man knows me so well. Even though I’m jumping on the outside acting very excited about being accepted or finally achieving my dream, I’m expecting no responses or rejection letters confirming what I already know of myself and my writing.

I’m trying to break out of this habit. I’m trying to change. I will continue to create and to write because it’s a compulsion. Most of all, it makes me happy. No matter what happens self-doubt and self-sabotage will no longer be my constant companions. Besides, they’re cheap and never pay me back for countless loans against my self-esteem.

— Rosey

Little Mermaid WIP#1

April 12th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Little Mermaid WIP#1

This is the current small project I’m working on. The colour palette will be muted tones of blue, white, and yellow. I hope to be finished by next week or so. I chose the words “Part of Your World” because in essence, the story is about an immortal longing to be mortal- a bridging of two worlds. I will be using bead embroidery in this piece.

This weekend, I hope to make a run to Mary Maxim’s in Paris. Mary Maxim’s is an arts and crafts store. I want to pick up beading needles, more felt, and embroidery floss. My sister gave me craft money for my birthday and I’ll be spending every penny.

— Rosey

Doe a deer!

April 11th, 2011 § 0 comments § permalink

Beautiful Deer from the Brantford Twin Valley Zoo

I am still struggling to maintain balance. For now, my baby’s managed to sleep through the night two nights in a row. She was almost back to her regular schedule last night. Insert sigh of relief here. Hopefully tomorrow I can post a WIP of my current hoop. I’m going to transition to Nicole’s hoop afterwards. I just need a bit of a break. I am also unsure whether I can sew something doll-sized by late May. The husband and I are heading to Toronto for a weekend – baby free! Whoot Whoot!

As for the writing, I have stories brewing in my head again. I need to have something brewing for me to write. If my mind is blank, I just don’t write anything. It’s like a tea kettle. It needs to boil for a while before all the words come out. I am unsure what I’ll be writing though. I want to return to Nelve but a sequel to The Scent Enchantress is surfacing. I do know the writing will be second on the list to sewing. This is because I need to have a mind full of stories, dialogue, etc. before I even begin to sit down and write.

There is just not enough time in a day…

— Rosey


April 8th, 2011 § 1 comment § permalink


My Lychee at 12 Weeks... A Long Time Ago

Lychee’s head position is pretty much the state of my brain right now.  Natalie is teething again and it’s her molars. It’s been a week of screwed up sleeping schedules and sleepless nights. I’m trying to adjust and not burn out. It’s a trying process. She basically is sleeping one and a half hours later than she normally did. This cuts into my personal time and it’s driving me crazy. I can’t motivate myself to start sewing with so little time. I also need to unwind. Until her darned teething stops, I’ll be sipping a glass of red wine and playing Dragon Age 2 again. I can’t get into a writing or creative head space in so little a time a night.

— Rosey

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