A Possible DIY project?

February 16th, 2011 § 0 comments

I have organizational woes as well as being sick with sinus problems. I bought a nicely priced rolling storage with three drawers to store my felt. The problem is that the drawers are too deep. I need to sort the felt in each drawer via paper trays. I went to the local dollar store and was hoping to pick some up but there weren’t any. I will probably end up making diy trays. I also plan to customize the storage unit itself. I really adore customizing things.

As for the embroidery, it is still slow going. I will post updates sporadically since it’s so slow going. I hope to work on it tonight. The last two nights, the husband and I were spending quality time playing Little Big Planet 2. Embroidery is scheduled for this evening!

— Rosey

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