It’s a Small World

February 6th, 2011 § 0 comments

This pic is from last summer. Bunnies frequent our backyard because we live next to our neighbour’s incredible garden. Yes, you can say our yard is the rest stop before the incredible buffet next door!

On Saturday, I went to get pricing to get my piece framed. The framer I reallywanted, who had the most reasonable prices, was no longer there. He moved! We ended up going all over town to get pricing. One place quoted $75-$90. This is just for the frame. I didn’t want glass over my Alice in Wonderland piece. Robert and I balked at the price and continued looking. We ended up at a local photo studio. I went in hoping they did custom framing. He referred me to a place in Delhi who had really reasonable prices. He gave me the address and even called ahead to make sure they were open. I “convinced” the husband to go out of town. I told him the directions and mentioned it was right across the Hungarian Hall. We finally found the place and to Robert’s surprise, it was a very familiar building- his grandfather and grandmother’s old house!

Agnes, the owner of the business, was so sweet and quoted me the best price! I’ll definitely get all of my work framed by her. She’s a doll. A relationship between an artist and a custom framer is a very very precious thing. I’m so happy I found a favourite framer again! Anyway, Agnes offered Robert a tour around the house. All he kept saying was “Wow!” The house changed so much since he was last there. He grew up spending a week or so in the summer with his grandparents. Agnes and her husband did a fabulous job with the reno. The tour definitely made Robert’s day.

If you live in Norfolk County, I definitely recommend Agnes. Here’s her info:

Delhi Photo & Frame

74 King St.

Delhi, Ontario

(519) 582-4446

I get my work in two weeks! I can’t wait! And yes, it will be entered into the Norfolk County Fair later this year in October.

— Rosey

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