Raison D’etre

January 26th, 2011 § 0 comments

This is a photo of a pretty little gift I received from a past Christmas. It’s meant to hold necklaces and such. I eventually want to have it out in the open. I can’t now with naughty kitty and active baby running around.

Why do I craft?

Creating something is a compulsion for me. Whether it comes in the form of writing or doing art, it gives me much happiness and freedom. It’s like my brain will burst unless I channel it somehow. As the husband said, my brain is just different- wired differently. I believe the compulsion to create comes from this. If I had all the free time and the funds, I’d have a hundred projects on the go. I’d pursue a ton of new hobbies out there. At this point, I’ve dabbled in sculpting, jewellery making, paper quilling, needle felting, dressmaking for dolls, watercolours, ink drawings, beading, airbrushing, resin crafts, etc. The husband gets a bit frustrated when he helps buy the supplies but finished projects are lacking. I get excited, what can I say?

For the first time ever though, I am focused. I think it’s a combination of having little to no free time with rearing an active 9.5 month old. I’m determined to finish this project because I want to start on the next one. I don’t know what I’m planning to do with all the finished projects. I don’t know whether I want to sell them ¬†yet. I kind of what to keep them and hang them around the house. I have this dream I’d be prolific enough to have a gallery exhibition of my work. I better start working towards converting that dream into a goal.

— Rosey

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