Frugal vs. Practical

January 21st, 2011 § 0 comments

It is winter. The trees are bare. The naked branches make such beautiful, stark, intertwining lines against the grey skies.

Last night whilst in the throes of embroidery happies, I tried out a new floss from a value pack I bought. The value pack I bought for the price and it had a ton of colours. I’ve been using Anchor and DMC floss before this. The difference in the quality is quite marked. The Anchor and DMC floss just caught the light and glowed. The Prism floss was duller in vibrance. The range of colours are great and they work in a pinch if I’m missing a colour. In the long run though, I will be investing in DMC or Anchor.

I thought about felt squares and how they are available in local dollar stores. Can the price reflect quality like the thread? A friend told me they have a large variety of colours but the downside is these squares shed a ton. Needless to say, that is the deal breaker for me. I can’t have felt shedding while I’m applique’ing. The fuzz gets caught in the thread and it just looks really messy and gross.

While it’s great to be frugal and try and save a few cents here and there, be prepared for the drop in quality. If there is a giant sale on DMC floss or quality felt squares, I’d be all over it. Otherwise, I’ll pass on the dollar deals.

— Rosey

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