Needs More Beeswax!

January 20th, 2011 § 0 comments

Tada! The two bushes still need to be sewn on but you get the idea. As I’m getting back into the groove of handsewing, my hands are getting very sore. It’s been over a year or more since I’ve done any. Last night, I was getting into the hang of it but I kept running into annoying tangles- ergo I need beeswax. I also have a ragdoll that thinks anything string-like and dangling is a toy. I’ve altered the layout a bit. The Cheshire Cat will now be floating magically among the flowers instead of Alice’s right as planned. I’ll be doing some exciting stuff to the foreground which includes beading. I can’t wait!

So far everything is going as planned and looking like the way it should.

— Rosey

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