Learning from Mistakes

January 17th, 2011 § 0 comments

So I was getting ready to start prepping for a craft project this weekend! I already had all the materials ready and it was going to be a useful craft project. I wanted to customize my own craft bag using a reusable plastic shopping bag, ribbon, snaps, and beads. A quarter way into it, I realized I was making a mistake. I even contacted a friend for advice and she did confirm it. This craft bag’s purpose was to hold all my embroidery gear and current projects.

Embroidery gear is pointy and has edges that will poke and destroy the plastic.

Yep. I laughed my ass off at that simple revelation. I have now found a useful bag that was already in the closet and reclaimed it as my embroidery projects bag. It’s really durable and handy to have since Natalie won’t be able to get into anything with the zipper closures. I can keep all my sewing gear in one place at arm’s reach.

— Rosey

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